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How was it for you!!!!!!

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Well it was firkin cold :)

Thanks Josh and organisers and marshalls for putting on the game.

We turned up after battling through the snow for 2 hours to be confronted by the site with No snow!

It did start to snow and we battled through. Great game good objectives, great to meet old faces and new ones as well. Hope to see new ones at other games soon.

I would just like to say No Cheating, Good play from all sides and me and the lads had a great time and absolutely No lone wolves (Please no more threads on this no need)

Best bits. Took a US GI prisoner, Shot the US Truck driver as he dismounted (Great chap :good: ) and at the end of the day covering agent orange suppressing the house as he ran forward with a grenade to kill all inside, including Gavin and his muzzle flashing bren which was owning us. Oh and having a break for lunch under the Zelts to get warm chow inside.

Bad bits errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr can`t think of anything.

Josh great idea giving people the rules in paper form to quicken things up especially as it was -1 and howling wind bringing it to about -6 :shock:

Sorry guys took the camera but didn`t take any pictures as it was too cold but the action kept us warm.
and hope you didn`t mind that we called it time at 4 but magazines were freezing up feet cold and it was time to finish. Hats off to all that camped :ghey:

10 out of 10 :lol:

Posted : 23/03/2013 7:50 pm
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really great day, thank's Josh and Gadge and all who helped plan a great day, superb game play by all ,everybody seemed to get it.
my favorite bit's were hammering the Gerry's in the tyre pile and getting blown up twice by grenades through the window :rofl: i don't know why but getting blown up always makes me smile.
really feel for the Germans who spent the whole day in the elements but never seemed to let it hinder them .hope the poor German i met with gun problem's was able to get one that worked and hope the chocolate helped a little.

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Posted : 23/03/2013 8:29 pm
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very good thank you :good: Saturday was bloody cold, wet and soul destroying at times. My fellow airbourne troopers did a stirling job all day, never complaining and following orders to the T. I think we held all we were asked to and managed to bring in the 1st Kraut prisoner (Sorry big fella, had to mention it). Was impressed with the german's stamina for punishment. They just kept coming back for more. :D Later on, taking Marsha prisoner by quoting Winters famous "comenzie here, schnell" was most entertaining too (if only we knew there was but 3 enemy at the post, we'd have rolled over it, but instead we were mullered by Josh and another sneaky nazi).
Kipping in the barn was alot better than I thought (warmer too) and with the help of Josh's gas fire, we dried out all our kit. Visiting the spectacularly hospitable pub was most refreshing too. Playing darts on the Friday night in our 101st kit and re-enacting the band of brothers scene was fun.
Today lots of sensible people went home leaving a small and hardy 14 nutters to continue. But what fun. Josh threw together a quick scenario and the yanks were tasked with clearing the village of pesky jerry hanger ons. Furious battles ensued and lots of excellent game pay, taunts and abuse and deaths on both sides ended a great weekend. The weather, as bad as it was has kind of made it an unforgetable game too. I bet Gadge got some cracking shots.

Thanks to Josh, Gadge and Evo, our worthy hun opponents and to the Dog Co as usual. Some excellent work by Bear on the BAR and to the rest of you foolhardy nutters. :good:

Posted : 24/03/2013 6:40 pm
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Was a pleasure to play this one guys.

Sportsmanship was top notch, everyone played as teams and the standard of turnout just gets better and better.

As i said to the American side i was walking to the 'start line' with, I see such good kit at airsoft events and the vast majority of it is as good as any 'living history' types and some of it far better. I've seen 'proper re-enactors' who couldnt hold a candle to the guys who played this weekend on both sides.

Great gameplay
atmospheric weather
great scenario
cool site.

All in all a good one!

I dont think I had anyone upset all weekend and only one case where someone had forgotten a rule (gun hits and richochets *do* count) but no deliberate attempts to 'game it'.

Hats off to you all.

High point for me was asking for *one* prisoner to be brought back to be interogated and the allies bringing me back about five!

Fun playing US for once too!

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Posted : 24/03/2013 9:07 pm
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Im sorry let early this morning my ankle gave up on me the cold didn't help other then that had a great time Saturday awesome day
Great team work on german side we gave those allies a hard time
Dam Americans capture me again and all I got was the usual crap from them at least I gave no information to them
Josh and Gadge thank you both for organising this

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Posted : 24/03/2013 10:09 pm
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What a great weekends gaming!!! I'm just now getting some feeling back into my extremities. The snow really did add a lot of atmosphere to the proceedings and the sportsmanship and comradery displayed by everyone on both teams was excellent.

Thanks Josh and organisers and marshalls for putting on the game. Josh really puts a lot of effort in and his enthusiasm is inspiring.

As a newbie it was smashing to meet so many new people and make some great new friends. Everyone mucked in to help on the campsite and the evenings in the pub were a hoot. . . " Lt. Are you going to keep throwing lefty all night?" . . . . This is the first game I've been to where I have not been on the German side. Instead I joined the glorious ranks of Dog Company 101st Airbourne. Great bunch of lads. James set the mood for me when he turned up in the GMC. Fantastic!!! Well done to all the lads, Simon, Piglet, Bear, Jamie and what a brilliant squad leader we had in Pvt Johnny. As the SECOND oldest member of the team ( Yes Bear, I was born on a week night. ) I'm glad that I managed to keep up with the young lions most of the time.

Ade, good to meet you. Sorry we didn't get those stick grenades. I should not have hesitated. Marsha, thanks for the lift. You were a life saver and the Star Wars outfit was brilliant. I'll post some pics later.

Gavin, (Dadio) it was so good to meet you in person after almost a year of conversations on the phone and through the forum. Thanks for bringing the MG42. It is looking First Class. Mate you really are an artist. Even though its far from finished I can already see that I will be the proud owner of the best example around bar none. Yes the rate of fire is ludicrous but I love it. With smoke, lights and 200W of surround sound the finished article will cause jaws to drop in awe. I'm glad you had a good outing with the Bren and that you bagged so many Krauts.

Despite the howling wind blowing the snow sideways for much of Saturdays play I was snug as a bug in a rug inside my "Enemy at the Gates", Major Konig coat. I also discovered another Plus regards waring the flesh face mask. I was protected from the worst of the wind and the sub zero temperature whilst my fellow gamers looked less comfortable sporting their frozen faces with icicle mustaches.

All in all a great weekend. May I suggest a pure WHITE ribbon bar for this one?

All the best,

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Posted : 24/03/2013 10:56 pm
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An absalute cracker of a game and well played everyone. I only had one pep talk all weekend to get a few guys back on track, apart from that not one complaint.

Cheers all for sticking it out and for the two fingures up at the weather (which was awesome to play in).

Biggest win all weekend....THE PUB

Only low point, loosing so many guys sunday morning after they slept another night in the freezing. Good on you all for atleast making the effort.

Saturdays game was hard as hell, but I didnt have one complaint from the Germans about it. They got stuck in and fought hard (as they always do).

Allies made a dogged defence and only a few times did we get 'overran'. The fight in the heavy snow sat afternoon on the mortar postion was spectacular!!

Sunday's thrown together biulding clearance was the ball too. Great job and well played to the allies to get as far through as they did! very well organised tactics came into play there!!

Cheers all for another great weekend and another notch in the WW2 calender;)


Heer Schmidt

Posted : 25/03/2013 9:24 am
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I think I've finally regained the feeling in my hands. :lol:

Great day of gaming on saturday, a pleasant night in the pub, nice to meet new people, and catch up with old friends. Sunday was just too much cold for me, got up and just couldn't get warm, and the biting cold in my ears just brought on a massive headache even before 'game on', so I bottled it and hid in the safezone.

Yeah, I'm a wuss, sue me. :lol:

Next event for me is Cold War, can't wait! (Just hope it's not *quite* as cold...)

Posted : 25/03/2013 9:22 pm
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Has anyone seen a smock as I thik I left it behind

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Posted : 27/03/2013 6:30 am
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Going through the kit today, I think I have it marsha.
It's in the rental box.
I'll bring it to lead unless you need it before then?

Heer Schmidt

Posted : 27/03/2013 3:10 pm
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Ok thanks

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Posted : 27/03/2013 3:23 pm