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[Sticky] Uniform Requirements

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German forces are formed from the 353rd Infantry Division attempting to escape the encirclement of the Falaise Pocket. The Uniform requirements are any Heer uniform (Wool, HBT, Tropical) and/or any Heer camouflage you desire. The division is desperate and throwing what it has available into the front line to break out, so any branch (grenadier, pioneer, anti tank etc) of the Infantry division is perfectly fine. Helmets, Jackboot, Lowboots, Ski Caps or side caps are all OK.

Polish forces are the 10th Dragoons. Battledress either unbadged, or badged as the Polish 10th Dragoons – illustrative picture of how they would have been badged to follow soonish. Denims are perfectly acceptable, as are jumpers and shirtsleeves. Accoutrements would be webbing, MkII helmets and/or a black beret with a Polish Eagle on it.

Any period/captured/counts as weapon is perfectly acceptable.

Topic starter Posted : 11/11/2010 7:13 pm