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[Sticky] THE ROAD TO ROME March 27-29 2015

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Gunman Airsoft and Filmsim Events proudly presents...

D-Day – The Road to Rome
£65 pre-booked or £85 for the weekend
£35 for the day if pre booked or £45 on the day
(please see booking details below)
March 27-29 2-15
Great Westwood Quarry
Old house lane
Hunton Bridge (just of the M25 Junction 19-20)

On October 5th 1944 the Allied assault on the gothic line became hampered by poor weather conditions, an unfriendly terrain and low ammunitions cost them dearly. Both the US 5th Army and the British 8th Army came to a halt. After a successful push by the US 30 corps with the British X111 Corps in support along route 65, all the German fixed defences have now been destroyed and the road to Bologna is open. Now the allied effort looks to the road to Rome as a quick way to turn the Italian, German Axis into disarray. Message has come back for a small recon unit of jeeps that the road is open and they have made it in to the capitol heart of their Italian enemy. Could this put and quick end to resistance and the folding up of the axis in southern Europe.

However, the beaten but by no means broken German 14th Armee has been re-enforced by a large number of SS and Fallschirmjager units and they are about push a counter attack which could cut off any chance of getting to Rome without a fight. Large units of allied vehicles are about to ‘go for it’ and none are ready for the surprise the Germans have in store for them.

This is a fictional story based on historical events…l

Other Event Info.
This event is open to all US and Brit groups but as always we ask everyone to make an effort and try to look the part. Badge’in up is not needed but plain uniforms are always a win.

Due to the size of the site, both sides will have vehicles in play and AT guns and bazookas will be the order of the day. All the toys are coming out for this weekend, land mines + detectors, our famous Mortar’s and the best in WW2 battles.

As well as the usual CPs in play, there will also be a list of key and secondary objectives for both sides, so be ready to be busy.

We will provide all the radio packs for the units and map cases for organising troops.

Arrival and Event times.
Friday, gates open at 2pm so come and set up your camps.
Saturday game brief at 9.30am
Sat Endex will be around 5 as it will start to get dark around then.
Sat night social.
Sunday will commence and have Endex called at around 12pm.
As this is a non-stop game in the field, you will need to brew up and eat whilst the game is live!

Please make sure you bring everything you need to be comfortable in the field, including Water, change of socks, camping equipment, food and beers. There will be a skip on site for rubbish!
Toilets also provided.

These event tickets are non refundable but can be sold on to other waiting players.

Bookings for Filmsim Events 2015
Hi all, here is the new booking system for our epic events which will include FilmSim and Eyelarp.
Ticket price for all events will start at X (Say £85) If your full payment is made before the discount deadline (which will be announced in the booking information) you will receive a 20% discount on the event.

All events will have a fixed number of discounted places, which you can secure immediately with a £25 deposit. However, you still need to pay the remainder of the ticket price before the deadline to get the 20%. Otherwise, the remainder of the full ticket price will have to be paid on the day in cash.
Prices for events will always differ depending on location and the type of event so make sure you have read the booking information before sending any money.

All pre-booking and payments should be made through PayPal and please make clear which event you are booking onto, the name of those being booked on and the side/team/faction you are joining.
A single day option may also be available on a number of our events and it will be made clear in the booking information what the price is. It will be a fixed price but will still need full payment before the deadline; otherwise the full ticket price will need to be paid.

To trade at any of our events please contact us on with a brief description of the items you are selling. If there is room and no trade clashes we will reply with a booking reference number to be added to your booking payment. After which traders will be asked to pay the full tickets price to book their pitch. Follow the booking process and make sure you add your booking reference on the PayPal payment.

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Is it going to be a central camping area and can I kip in my van?

Posted : 28/01/2015 5:08 pm

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yes mate. ill post up the times and camping plans today;)

Heer Schmidt

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