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The visit of Hauptmann Horn - 2nd April 2011

1. This is a CiA WW2 enactment event. It isn't an open day or a blat in the woods. These events only work when players immerse themselves and play in character. You will be given orders and be expected to carry them out regardless of the consequences.

2. This is a restricted uniform event. Details can be found elsewhere.

3. Comrades in Arms has a minimum player age of 18 (at game date)

4. You do not need to be a member of Comrades in Arms to attend this event, it is open to all.



Payment is £45 in full and can be paid in two ways:

- Paypal to treasurer(at)ww2airsoft(dot)org(dot)uk
- Cheque payable to 'Comrades in Arms' and sent to:
Infinity Visual Communications
The Old Mission School
Langley Street
DE22 3GN

Include your full name, forum name, and side and role you are playing.

20 places on each side are available for booking.

Please note: if you 'gift' us the money it means we don't pay fees so we get to spend more on props for the game!

Game fees are non-refundable however your place is transferable. If you are unable to attend then you may make your own arrangements to swap with another player, you can use the forum for this purpose. If you want to swap sides it must be approved by CiA organisers before transfer.


Either British Army (Royal Corps of Signals or 11th Cameronians) - dress to be full serge battledress (no insignia required)
Or Home Guard (Busby Home Guard Company of 3 Battalion Home Guard) - dress from working farmer with HG armband to full serge battledress (no insignia required)

1: Sandy Logan (stof) - Home Guard
2: Richard Cartwright (Mi-go-a-go-go) - Home Guard
3: Richard Heath (Yith) - Home Guard
4: Dave (Joker) - Home Guard
5: Cliff Southwood - Home Guard
6: Damaris Hockey - Home Guard
7: Dean Armistead (Lipton) - Home Guard
8: Craig Armistead (Wladek) - Home Guard
9: David Mindham (Horus) - Home Guard
10: Scott Mackenzie (Oligoscenic) - Home Guard
11: Peter Grice (Pete_59) - Home Guard
15: Martin Sole (BedsnHerts) - AFPU
17: Stu Dunn (MrSlippyFist) - Royal Signals
18: Charlie Bennet (Universal Gunner) - Royal Signals
19: John Nesbitt (pvtjohnny) - Royal Signals
20: Gary Ahmed (Omegaman) - Royal Signals

Either Fallschirmjaeger - dress to be green or splinter jump smocked
Or SS - dress to be field grey uniform or SS camo smocks and field grey trousers

1: Martin Rapier (MartinR) - Fallschirmjaeger
2: Neil Boshier (Boshman) - Fallschirmjaeger
3: PS (Pinkpanzer) - Fallschirmjaeger
4: Richard Vaughan (Lardassmonkey) - Fallschirmjaeger
5: Carl Sanderson (Fandanglos) - Fallschirmjaeger
6: Marsha Lord (marsha) - Fallschirmjaeger
9: Tony Jennings (rifleman6925) - SS
10: Keith Lang (forester) - SS
11: Graeme Maynard (agent orange) - SS
12: Adam-Patrick Wainwright (toska) - SS
13: Maretha van der Merwe - SS
14: Gordon Turner (Hänschen klein) - SS
15: Matthew Wheeler (Mattywheels) - SS
16: Alexander Ryazantsev - SS
17: Cliff Archer (dot44) - SS
18: Dave Barrett - SS
19: Gary Barton (gary barton) - SS
20: Ian Smith (Ian Smith) - SS

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This event is now fully booked. * Was fully booked - places now available *

A big thank you to all of you. Nice to see some new names in amongst the veterans, you will be made very welcome - just get stuck in!

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Two German places and four British places are up for grabs.

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