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[Sticky] Regen/Medic rules

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This is a large site and we won't have regens or 'CPs' as such and the Germans certainly don't have a base. So, to alleviate trudging back and forth all day we are using a 'regen in-place system'.

All players regen in the same way.

There are no designated medics.

First hit maybe cured by a bandage applied by anyone. If not medic'd within 20 minutes the player recovers and is considered regened where he is.
Second hit (hit when wearing a bandage) is a serious injury, and cannot be medic'd and must remain in place for 20 minutes on their own honour.
A wounded or seriously wounded comrade maybe moved by being “carried” by a fellow player i.e. arm over shoulder not "holding hands".

Setting RVs to collect regened players may be ordered by commanders as the event progresses.

Capture is possible by both sides although not to be encouraged.

Please stick to the 20 minute rule - you should all have watches! Don't wait two minutes and get up and walk off. Take advantage of the rest - the rule is there to save your legs, don't abuse the concession you have been given!

Note: If your 20 minutes are up and there is still action going on around you please stay incapacitated as it is a bit rubbish if you suddenly get up and start firing when all around you assume you are out of action. Common sense really. :wink:

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2011 2:53 pm