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[Sticky] Uniforms requirements

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Uniform requirements are within our 2010/11 'austerity' measures, not requiring any badging or purchase of uniforms for the event - generic impressions are fine.

The German forces fall into two factions, Fallschirmjaeger and SS.
FJ will be green or splinter jump smocked.
SS in field grey uniform. Wear SS camo smocks if you must (if you only have Heer uniform then this can be covered by either a jump smock or SS camo smock).
Please don't use pea dot or sumpfmuster camo as this is an early war event.
Soft caps are fine as are steel helmets of any kind.
FJ and SS are wary of each other, neither thinking the other should be there, so you will work independently and may well have different agendas, briefs and motivations.

There are two British factions, Home Guard and British Army. In both cases the uniforms are wool BD (37 pattern is ideal but later version is OK) and unbadged is perfect.
Optionally the HG can wear denim BD and for the regular army a kilt is fine, should you already have one and want to wear it.
Tin hats, GS, FS or tams are all acceptable headwear.
The closest regular unit is a nearby Royal Corps of Signals unit based at Eaglesham House observing for Cambooth AA batteries and the more distant 11th Cameronians.
The HG is Busby Home Guard Company of 3 Battalion Home Guard.
In addition to this there is a space for farmhands working in the fields who can don their HG armbands in an emergency.
There is no requirement for either Army or Home Guard to badge up battledress and, if you wish, a simple Home Guard armband is sufficient to identify yourself and role. This Home Guard unit has been supplied with 37 pattern webbing, there is no requirement to source leather pouches/anklets etc (nor source canvas bino pouches to put on your belt :lol: ).

If you are depicting the regular army then spick and span serge battledress is the look to go for as you are on duty.
The Home Guard can be somewhat more shambolic as this isn't a Sunday parade but an emergency - you may have rushed from your home, shop or office or have been on duty at the time. Therefore, anything from farm labourers garb to full battledress and webbing and all variations between is great. But just because your uniform isn't regular doesn't mean you are an undisciplined rabble. A clear command structure is in place and you behave just as a regular army unit would.

Div Patch sell HG armbands for £5.50

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