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[Sticky] Weapon requirements

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This scenario is set in 1941 on the home front and combines a true event with an element of fiction to create a scenario that is both interesting in the historical sense as well as creating a workable battle. While it might well be called "faction" it still holds dear the Comrades in Arms living history concept - examining what goes on in combatant's minds with the trials and tribulations of following orders - to your death if necessary.

With this is mind we have to be practical and pragmatic - there just aren't a vast array of airsoft guns perfectly applicable to the date and scenario.

So, the general principle is that the allies have a preponderance of bolt action weapons and the invading German forces being on a raiding mission carry compact automatic arms. If you cannot own, beg or borrow a listed firearm then what you have is perfectly acceptable, as long as it is of the WW2 period.

Primary option:
Bolt action rifles. No4 and K98s are fine, other wood-stocked bolties too.
Bren, BAR and 1928,s
Pistols: 1911s and lugers

Secondary option:
Stens, M14 (either in single shot mode or in BAR support gun mode), Thompson M1A1, etc


Primary option:

Secondary option:


Note: ammunition issue is seriously restricted for the British and resupply next to impossible for the Germans!

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