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[Sticky] Instructions and Orders for Draftees

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From the Desk of Cpt. R. Heath
Commanding Officer
39th Rgt. Replacement Centre
Camp Syracuse
New York

You are instructed to report to Camp Syracuse by the most direct means at your disposal.

If you are staying over Friday night, please arrive at 6PM or later, so we can make sure we are actually there for you.

If arriving Saturday Morning please arrive no later than 9AM, so we can try and keep to a schedule.

Lunch on Saturday is being provided for you free of charge, though you will need something for breakfast (if you want it). Please remember to bring a mess tin so you can actually eat it ;)

Weapons wise please arm yourself with a semi-automatic rifle if possible. If this is not possible then use your discretion. This is not a day of play, so your time spent shooting at other people will be limited.

Topic starter Posted : 08/03/2011 2:59 pm