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[Sticky] What's all this then?

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The Doughboys will be running a training day at Grange Farm Airsoft on Saturday March 12th.

What is the Point of this?
The point is to both impart knowledge of US infantry tactics of the period – and how these can be implemented in the airsoft events that we run and attend, and to share a bit of that 'team spirit' and comradeship for when we play together in the future.

One of the problems is the word training, which I do not like, but will use for simplicities sake. I should stress now that this event has no intention of making anyone better airsoft players, in fact hopefully the opposite. However we do hope to help make people better 'Yanks' by looking at how they were trained to fight, and doing a bit of that old immersion in character.

What do I need to attend this?
The desire to attend is the main prerequisite, we want your enthusiasm, the rest is errata.

For the event you will need US Infantry kit, either badged at the 9th Infantry Division or unbadged. A mix between M41 and M43 jackets is fine. Though please note when I say 'unbadged is fine' this not a reluctant acceptance of your lack of badge, it is just as fine to have no badge, as to be badged.

You will also need a gun with which to shoot. We would prefer people use semi automatic rifles (either M1 Garands or M14s), or even bolt action rifles (any wood/wood effect ones) over SMGs as the the point is to look at period tactics which these better represent. Of course we have no problem with people bringing an SMG if that is all they have, that is perfectly acceptable.

Why should I bother attending this?
Why not? What's wrong with you? It will be cheap, fun and useful. We have plonked it in the middle for the country for your convenience, and charged you a pittance to attend. We like seeing people we know, and meeting those we dont. So come along, pitch a tent and have some fun with us. We only do any of this because we enjoy it, and training days are no different.

Is this for re-enacting as well? Because I don't do that!
Yes and no. We do not like to make a huge distinction between re-enacting and airsoft. What we do at an airsoft field is as much 're-enacting' as at any other event, we want to bring the experiences of the US infantry soldier out in both contexts. In short we re-enact 'in the field' at airsoft events, and 'not in the field' at re-enactment events. This training day is focused on 'in the field' and is as such focussed on our airsoft. Airsot events are only as immersive as you want them to be, this event should help us all in bringing more to these events that we and others run.

What kind of things are you going to cover?
Well you will have to come along and find out, as it is secret. Though I will say we will be focusing on how to fight as a unit in the field, how a group of players can function together as a US infantry squad or platoon in an airsoft game accurately, entertainingly and effectively. We will not be spending a lot of time on 'field-craft', nor attempting to teach the textbook movements that will enable nothing more then choreography before falling apart. This will be coupled with a load of fun character things to entertain us all.

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