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waffen ss players

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Hello just want to get in contact with waffen ss players new to this ww2 airsoft is there a waffen ss group yet r a group of people who go to games as ss?

Kind regards Ben

Topic starter Posted : 16/04/2016 1:57 pm
Hänschen klein
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Yes we have 13 I think booked on for the next game on 7rh May at Eversley The last Stand. There is not a group per say but people do sport the camo at events where there ia a scenario incorporating such units

Posted : 16/04/2016 5:59 pm
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Hi Ben,

Yes there isnt a dedicated Waffen SS group, but if you put your name down on the Alte Hasen group: viewforum.php?f=221 we tend to get organised depending on the units that are required for particular events.

Not every event will feature SS troops (our Normandy game in September being one example, we have Heer and FJ but no SS) so its best to be flexible

Posted : 18/04/2016 8:16 am
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Yes, I think Alte Hasen is probably the closest you are going to get. The last dedicated Waffen SS group I knew of were Hohenstaufen, but they haven't been around as a group for some years. Stuts group also often turn up as SS, but only one of them is on the forum.

AH is a reasonable starting point, as Matty says, we tend to organise what we are wearing to events, although we've never attended an event as a group as SS.


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Posted : 18/04/2016 8:24 am
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Me and my mates often play as waffen SS, Depends on the game usually and what other squads are portraying. There is a load of guys playing as Waffen ss at the upcoming last Stand game. Join in mate , It's the quickest and easiest way to make contact with other players. Where are you based. We are in Stoke/ midlands.

Posted : 20/04/2016 9:05 pm