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Thank You!

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Screenshot 2021 08 01 164320

Something in the sights from this weekend!

Also setting sights and switching fire onto September!!

We are literally still buzzing after the 12th XX Panzergrenadier assaults and sneaky British 6th Airborne miss drops behind the line!

What a fantastic weekend!

As usual we have all been a part of some truly awesome sportsmanship and witnessed some quite brutal and aggressive fighting! This is due to all of us being part of the Frontline Events Ltd's family! Working together to get out of the door and looking out for one and other on the field! Well done to you all!

Without YOU, we have no community, without a community we have no events!

A huge thank you must go out to all of the Red Alert Paintball & Airsoft for hosting the first WORLD AT WAR FESTIVAL 2021. A massive thank you must go to 514th QM Truck Regiment L.H.G., Woz Jus CallmeWoz and Duncan Crawford for bringing vehicles to the event! Not forgetting supporting pillars of Frontline Events Ltd's crew for oiling the motors and keeping things moving behind the scenes and to Kit Goblin for making it down and supporting our first ever festival.

Again Thank you ALL!

We are looking forward to seeing the pictures, video and stories being shared!

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Topic starter Posted : 01/08/2021 3:47 pm
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For everyone who went to the WW2 Festival 2021, a campaign medal (sorry I've been a  bit slow with this, I've been away).

Right-click on the ribbon image below and select 'Copy image link'. Go to your 'My Profile' (on forum menu bar). In 'Account' you will see the signature section. Right-click in the correct place and choose 'Paste' or 'Paste as plain text'. Scroll down to the 'Save changes' button and click.


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Posted : 13/08/2021 5:54 pm