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M44 Carbine Conversion

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So the M44 Carbine I bought from Evike arrived today. Absolutely love it. However I'm looking to get a second bolt and modify it to be like the bent ones for a sniper conversion project. Does anybody know if the 4.5mm air rifle version of this has the same bolt design?
Second question: Has anyone converted it into a full length rifle before and if so where did you get the stock for it? I have a bone yard KA Mosin Nagant that if need be I'll use for the project but I'd rather fix it up instead.



Topic starter Posted : 06/07/2018 2:50 pm
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I would use the KA Nagant - I am in the same position. I have both as well, I am fairly certain that the barrel from the KA will transfer across to the Wingun as they look to be made in the same factory. Not tried it yet though.

Posted : 08/07/2018 9:33 pm
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Yeah I've been considering my options and to be honest its my best bet. I think I will use the KA Mosins action for some kind of obrez build at a later date.

Also when removing the stock from the M44 Carbine, I cant seem to get the action away from the main stock body. I've studied the exploded diagram and can't see any more bolts that need un-doing. Is it that it just needs a bit of force applied when pulling the stock off?

Topic starter Posted : 08/07/2018 10:33 pm
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I recently took mine apart for a similar conversion - send pics of how far you got with the disassembly process, you might be missing a pin somewhere.

Posted : 09/07/2018 5:57 am
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I did kind of same project. Finnish m91.-- attachment is not available --

- Joni

Posted : 07/08/2018 11:13 am
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Damn.. thats very nice! I still haven't done mine, however I've finally bought the bolt handle I wanted to eventually make a PU/PE version. I've got time off work next month so hopefully I'll get it finished and post some kind of tutorial for others.

Topic starter Posted : 22/08/2018 9:19 pm