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D-Day Assault - The Hill Dundee - 2-3rd June

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D-Day Assault weekend - 2-3rd June.

We've got 2 landing craft left over from our Rhine Crossing day, so wewill be using these for the beach/cliff assault part of the day.

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The cliff part of the "Atlantic Wall" is made up of a defensive line of trenches and sand bagged bunkers. We will be adding 2 new gun batteries to this beforehand.
This is a really hard nut to crack as you're attacking the defenders are 40ft above you, you have very little cover, wire entanglements to get through (not barbed ones :)) and incoming mortar fire (grenades).

Behind that we have a French village with a church, farm, streets, cottages, pill box's, sand bag bunkers. This will be the second and third defensive line for the Germans.

Behind that we have an inland battery, on a rise, this is the German's last stand defensive line.

This will be game one and should last a few hours! :)

We will also be including para/glider landings behind enemy lines, etc.
So the Germans will have a lot on there hands!

More detail later...

We hope to get some of the lads that were at the excellent Arnhem day up for the weekender. We'll be staying on site on Saturday night, sleeping arrangements can be quite open if you want to stay over Sunday night or even Friday night etc, just let us know and we'll do our best to help you out. :)


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