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[Sticky] Welcome to XVIII Corps

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Welcome to XVIII Corps
This short introduction will tell you who we are, and what you need to do to join us.

Who are XVIII Corps?
We are a group aiming to portray the U.S. Airborne Infantry soldier during WWII. We intend to become a strong unit in WWII airsoft skirmishes with accurate and consistent kit and to have even more fun immersing ourselves in the period. XVIII Corps was (and still is) the US Airborne Corps and was the overarching organisation for the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, more information can be found here.

How do I join XVIII Corps?
XVIII Corps will be portraying paratroop infantry at games and our first impressions will be the 82nd Airborne Division (the All Americans) and the 101st Airborne Division (the Screaming Eagles). All that is required to change between these impressions, and most others we will do, is a quick change of badge, although it is expected that some will only portray a single unit!

What you will need to do to join XVIII Corps is:

  • Have a basic US Airborne Infantry impression – more details to follow[/*3pgb2x73]
  • Have a desire to play as part of a team, to turn up to games as the unit decided upon and follow/give orders as needed[/*3pgb2x73][/list3pgb2x73]
  • Got these? Then send a PM to jonsteele or Sgtash to become a member of the XVIII Corps group and join us to become a 'Winged Warrior'!

    Jon Steele
    1st Sgt, Fox Company, 506th, 101st
    OC 1 Squadron - RAF Regiment Living History Group!

    Support our troops!

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