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Battle for Spilamberto – 12th April 2014

April 12th 1945 - Allied forces are advancing towards Bologna. Reports are coming in of a small German Zug holed up in Spilamberto, who are starting to fortify and booby-trap the area. To keep the advance flowing 2 Squads from ...
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Rise of the Tenth

Rise of the Tenth – 19th January 2014

After the success outside of Avellino, General Heinrich Von Vietinghoff, is quick bolster his troops in the area and organise a swift counter attack to try and keep the allied troops off guard, his two primary targets are an Am...
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Stalingrad Rattenkrieg

Stalingrad – Rattenkrieg: Event postponed

Our event pits a defending unit of the Soviet 138th Rifle Division against the Wehrmacht 305 Infanterie Division and Panzerpionier-Bataillon 50, who have been tasked with ending all Red Army resistance in the city. Months of bo...
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Luga River Line

Luga River Line – 13/14th September 2013

Summer 1941 and Army Group North drives relentlessly through the Russian countryside towards Leningrad. By the 13th of July the lead elements of the 41st Panzer Corp sit only 110km from the great city and are preparing for the ...
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Battle of Lenino

Battle of Lenino – 27th October 2013 – event postponed

Formed in May 1943 the 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division was to be the basis of the planned 1st Polish Army, under General Zygmut Berling, formed to fight alongside the Soviets against the German occupiers of Poland. ...
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The Last Bullet

The Last Bullet – 23/24th March 2013

It’s 16th October 1944 and the Allied Armies are short of artillery and ammunition across the front and time is running out. As a short fix supply LZ which has been hastily set up by a regiment of the British XIII core only a...
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Grafton Park training weekend

Grafton Park training weekend – 2nd/3rd March 2013

Grafton Park STC will be as exciting and challenging as a normal day event, but with the opportunity to learn more about the tactics and techniques of infantry warfare. Training weekends offer a relaxed and stress-free way to e...
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Pavlov’s House – 21st April 2013

Starshiy serzhant Yakov Pavlov and 15 of his men, have just occupied a four-story building in the centre of Stalingrad, built parallel to the embankment of the river Volga and overseeing the "9th January Square". In accordance ...
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Behind the line – 6th/7th July 2013

Phase 1 of Hitler's great plan for Russia is in full swing. The battle Minsk rages on and the Russian armies are seen to be in disarray, unprepared and pushed into withdrawal on every front....
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