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The Battle for Crete – 11th May 2013

On the 25th April 1941, Hitler authorises Führer Directive no.28; the invasion of Crete. It will be the first large-scale airborne invasion in military history. Defending one of the many airfields coveted by the Germans, Brit...
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The Gothic Line – 17/18th November 2012

It’s October 5th 1944 and the Allied assault on the Gothic Line is being hampered by poor weather conditions, an unfriendly terrain and low ammunitions. Both the US 5th Army and the British 8th Army are still making slow and ...
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Bastogne Breakout – 2nd/3rd/4th November 2012

Hi guys, well after a year of changeover from blank fire to airsoft events and a hell of a lot of testing and development we are ready to put on our first WW2 airsoft event. The scenario is loosely based on events in and around...
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Operation Greenback – 18/19th August 2012

It’s September 1943 and Operation Avalanche has completed its first day. Now a new mission can start in ernest. Two well disciplined and experienced allied units have been tasked with a very important mission. In the hills of...
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The Führer’s Escape – 9th December 2012

On 4 May 1945, four days after Hitler's suicide in Berlin, departing SS troops set fire to the villa. Only hours later, the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division arrived at the local town of Berchtesgaden. A Small group of Recon Troops...
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The Corridor of Death – 26th May 2012

Chaos is all around with the 7th German Army trying to escape the clutches of the invading Allied armies. With the US / British Army boundary just beyond Argentan, the point where the `Gap will be closed`, a rear guard blocking...
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Operation Chariot – 14th July 2012 – EVENT CANCELLED

HMS Campbeltown rams the southern gates of the Normandie dry dock. The soldiers of the German garrison scramble from their berths and rush to battle stations. Meanwhile, the men of No. 2 Commando and the Special Service Brigade...
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Eagles over the Rhine – 29th September 2012

"Damn bad luck in your drops being cancelled these last two days, however the weather has cleared enough to get you and your men over to Holland in the morning." Thus is set the scenario for Wladek's September game to be held a...
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The Drop: The Battle for Arnhem (part 1) – 17th/18th March 2012

Gunman Airsoft's March weekender event has been announced and is to be held on 17th/18th March 2012. "The Drop: The Battle for Arnhem pt. 1" is set on Tuesday 19th September 1944 on the third day of the battle. The first WW2 ev...
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