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Bergen & contents.

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To give those attending an idea of what should be in your bergen, I thought I'd do a little guide to assist you. I've laid out the contents of my bergen and numbered the items in order to give a description of them. A couple of the items are my own, personal preference - you won't need a folding saw or a shovel yourselves! A lot of the kit shown, most of you should already have as well, bonus!

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1 - The bergen itself.
2 - A "dry bag". Note - you could just use bin bags.
3 - A lightweight "jungle" sleeping bag.
4 - A woolen jumper.
5 - 3 pairs of socks (these are placed inside seperate, waterproof bags.
6 - A small first aid kit. (cuts, grazes & blisters).
7 - Wet wipes.
8 - Plastic bag for rubbish.
9 - 3 full waterbottles.
10 - Plastic mug (I don't have an enamel one).
11 - Kendal mint cake (I like it!).
12 - Brew kit.
13 - Tissues (double up as toilet paper).
14 - Folding saw (my preference, not an essential).
15 - Hexi burner and fuel.
16 - Folding shovel (for latrines and fire pits).
17 - Headover. (stops hexiburner rattling and is nice and warm when worn).
18 - Messtin.
19 - Torch.
20 - Rubberised poncho.
21 - Spare ammo & batteries.
22 - Lightweight resi' bag, containing rations.
23 - IPK (with added eyelets and paracord lines).

This all weighs in at just over 30 pounds, so, not heavy at all and there's everything for a weekend and more in there. We're going to cover packing a bergen on the training day, this is just a broad outline of the kind of kit that goes in. For changeable weather conditions, you'd probably want to modify the contents slightly (for example, I'll add some lightweight thermals to sleep in for the main event).

When I want your opinion - I'll tell you what it is!

Topic starter Posted : 10/04/2010 4:30 pm