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To be fair, you were all spotted that far out and camo wouldn't have helped! Dark figures crossing through trees and our fairly clear line of sight meant you were unmissable. However, you have to ask would it be worth sending a patrol out with unidentified persons at that distance - probably not. Certainly your progress was monitored and when you reached the deep cut roadway, had we not been in a laid back fire building mode, then we would have been having a pop at you. Well, all except Stu who I lost sight of once he was across the roadway. :x

It just goes to show how hard it is to approach a target unobserved when you don't know exactly where it is and how just one wandering sentry can make any further progress very difficult without making a large detour. Had there been more time then once the target was located a wide flank might have been better (rather than straight from the front) as our side vision was limited and almost no rear vision.

Posted : 04/05/2010 8:45 am

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yeah , unfortunatley we didnt have enough time to scoot around your position un noticed. that field is pretty bare arsed. But still the game will be different :) MUHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHA
As far as feeling the effects go , i feel pretty good today, got a few nice thorn marks in my elbows and knees but beside that im ready for round 2 ....

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Posted : 04/05/2010 10:39 am

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