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[Sticky] Important notices - please read!

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Please take note:

Players are welcome to arrive Saturday evening for a bit of a social and sleep overnight in the tunnels. The site must be vacated at endex.

There is a strict limit of 350fps MAXIMUM - all guns will be chrono'd.

Vehicles will be used in-game but by invitation only.

There is a Portaloo on site.

Players are asked to bring their own water and provisions. There is no food provided and as we will be playing for the entire day so you will be eating in-game.

Torches may be used but must be of a 'period' style and power. Modern high intensity torches may be carried for emergency purposes but may not be used in-game.

CiA games run for the entire day. You should carry all you need for the day on your person or stash at command points. Returning to your car during the event is frowned upon - it's not only inconvenient to your fellow players, but also breaks the suspension of disbelief.

You do not need to be a member of Comrades in Arms to attend this event, it is open to all.

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Acceptable weapons

There is a site maximum of 350fps due to close action in some areas. Guns will be chrono'd.

Any WW2 weapon is acceptable for this event and carrying 'captured' weaponry is fine.

There will be strict ammo limits imposed during the day.

MG use is fine and will have higher ammo limits. Usual rules about prone or emplaced use. No 'on the shoulder of a mate' malarky please. If you don't want to get your uniform dirty lying on the floor then please choose alternative kit to point at the enemy.

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Torches may be used (actually essential in some areas of the complex) but must be of a 'period' style and power. Modern high intensity torches may be carried for emergency purposes but may not be used in-game.

For info about torches, here is stuff from our previous underground events:

These are the sort of things available cheaply and look the part.

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The use of K98's in the tunnels...

Following our tests on site today we are happy for K98s to be used BUT the only gas that may be used is 134a.
We will have a chrono on site and ask that you make use of it before the event starts to establish your set up is at or under the site limit of 350fps/0.2g (1.14J)
No pushing boundaries please - we don't want injuries and we don't want the grief of complaints by fellow players and hassle of searching down culprits.

Tip from Sgt. Heide - most of the site is gloomy and makes the use or gun sights difficult. A dot of white paint on the foresight blade and two dots on the rear sight facilitates target acquisition.

Some areas are confined so users of long rifles will find a pistol handy.

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Arrival times and facilities

Players are welcome on site from 1700hrs on Saturday, no earlier please so that arrivals can be looked after.
If you are arriving on Sunday please arrive no later than 0900hrs to give yourself time to prepare. Briefing will be at 0915-0930, deployment at 0945, game-on at 1000hrs.
If the car park is full then there are parking spaces outside the gate.

The entrance will be locally sign-posted and gate CiA banner marked.

There is parking on site - the car park isn't huge so we ask that cars are parked neatly and as tight as possible. Separate arrangements will be made for in-game vehicle being brought onto site.

Those stopping overnight will have a carpeted :shock: and well-lit safezone available for putting up camp beds. There is a tea urn for hot water and we will have a limited amount of cold water available. Players can assist by bringing a 5l bottle with them. As always we ask that players don't wander into the site and confine themselves in the safezone and entrance area.

There are 240v mains sockets for battery charging etc.

The will be an electric hob plate available in the safezone for player's use. Note that we won't be providing any cooking utensils nor will you be able to wash up, so look on it as indoor camping!
Alternatively, gas burners may be used for food heating in the safezone (its the original kitchen/canteen with stainless steel worktops).

Use of hexi burners in-game is fine if you really feel the need to and remember there is no returning to the safezone once the event is under way.

There is a portaloo in the car park (local pub would be a more savoury alternative!).

There is plenty of seating in the safezone - maybe we will have a film show this year...

The safezone will be used for storing personal effects but players will NOT be able to return to the safezone once the event is under way so materiel needed for the day must be carried with you.

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Medic rules

There will be no designated medics for Boryszyn.

All players will carry their own bandage (issued).

On first hit the player is slightly wounded and MUST indicate this by an instant loud cry (HIT or MEDIC or SANI or russian equiv). A visual indication (such as a raised arm) is a good acknowledgement to your assailant that you are no longer combatant - the clearer you make the hit, the less likely it will be that you are shot again. Slinging your weapon or propping it against a wall is a good idea. Some areas of the complex are dim/dark so the clearer you make things the less likely cussing about over-kill. You can stand, crouch, squat or lie down - your choice, we don't expect players to roll on the tunnel floors unnecessarily.

Your bandage can be applied by anyone of your own side. There are no prisoner rules so opposite side cannot medic you. Bandages must be applied on the arm ONLY so that it is clearly visible.

If the injured person awaiting a medic is caught in a firefight then it is acceptable to move to one side to avoid injury (but not to gain position advantage). Otherwise injured person must remain stationary until help arrives. The medic may 'drag' injured party a reasonable distance to cover (drag meaning assist - we don't want players physically scrapped across the floor!). The medicing player may not use a weapon whilst carrying out first aid. As soon as the bandage is applied both players are combatant.

There is no set bleedout time for Boryszyn because of the scale of the complex. A player can make his own decision on whether or not medical aid will be forthcoming. Likewise, if you are awaiting aid and the area becomes controlled by enemy just walk to the nearest aid station.

On your second hit (you are wearing a bandage and you are hit again) then you have received a serious injury and MUST indicate this by an instant loud cry (HIT or MEDIC or SANI or russian equiv). You can no longer fight until you have returned to an aid station. Holding your issued blue Cyalume aloft and with weapon slung walk to an aid station indicated with a German flag or your own HQ. The German flagged aid stations are usable by BOTH sides except when occupied by the enemy or it is under attack.

In the case of a 'knife kill' the injured party must NOT cry out. Gurgling is OK :D . You are losing blood rapidly and cannot be medic'd nor can you alert your side to your predicament. When play has moved on you can strike up your Cyalume and walk to an aid station where you can received a blood transfusion and rejoin the play.

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Knife kills

We will be running a knife kill rule for this event.

Players may carry real bladed weapons in this event for reality BUT on no account may the be drawn. Rubber reproduction bayonets etc may be drawn - see below.

Any player may make a knife kill by using their hand - a rubber weapon is not necessary. On no account put arms around necks or place rubber knives near the neck or head. Airsoft events do not involve physical combat. You are catching someone unaware - this is reward enough.

A knife kill is a silent, stealth kill. Move behind your enemy and tap them on the shoulder, back or arm and whisper "knife kill". The enemy now has a serious neck injury and cannot cry out nor summon aid and so, when the action has passed, must raise the Cyalume and walk out of game to an aid station/HQ.

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Lunch - Sunday

Players are reminded that lunch is not provided for this event nor will there be a set 'lunch time'. This event will run without a break from game-on to endex. Players should bring everything they need for a few hours battle - ammo, food & water - as they won't be returning to the safezone until endex.

Russians and Germans will be establishing HQs where stashes can be left although players must be prepared to move at a moments notice on commander's order.

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Ammo limits

1. All players 600 rounds per 'life' - you may carry loose ammo on your person for convenience but you can only have a new stock of ammo by returning to designated 'regen' points
2. Support gunners are allowed 2000 rounds
3. No restriction on pistol ammunition or number of magazines
4. Players may be informed of scenario-based ammo restrictions during the course of the event

FPS limit - There is a strict limit of 350fps with 0.2g BB MAXIMUM at this site (1.14J) and therefore there is no minimum engagement distance rule in play.

Note: If you only have, say, one 150rnd mag then you may 'top up' to the 600rnd limit in-game but please be aware that other players may perceive this the wrong way. Clearly, anyone using a bolt action gun are very unlikely to reach 600rnds and WILL be reloading in-game and probably under fire.

We are happy for K98s to be used BUT the only gas that may be used is 134a.

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Pyro will be on sale on-site in the form of TLSFX thermobaric grenades and Mk3 flashbangs.

You are welcome to bring your own pyro, but ONLY TLSFX is allowed within the tunnels and ONLY themrobaric grenades and Mk3s. Mk5s or anything else above a Mk3 will not be allowed.

Anyone found using pyro that does not comply with these rules will be ejected from the site and will be permanently banned from future CiA events.

This is crucial for health and safety and insurance purposes.

There is an absolute ban on smoke grenades which will be a serious H&S risk in this unventilated environment.

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Comrades in Arms events are all about 'getting into the zone'. We try and make our events as distant from ordinary open day airsoft games as we can. Dressing up in WW2 is all well and good but if you play like airsofters and not like soldiers you not only miss the point of what we are trying to do but there is also a good chance you will spoil the day for others. Your pukka uniforms are just your work clothes, your authentic airsoft guns are just tools of the trade - it isn't a fashion parade, you have work to do.

It is therefore expected that you follow orders and not wander off looking for some action or settle down at a regen and have an extended chat with mates. You have tasks to carry out, you have mates that are relying on your actions, a whole engagement plan may be lost because you weren't where you should be. At times you will be bored, at times you will have adrenaline pumping, at times you will be exhausted, at times you will be in an impossible situation, at times you will be frustrated and at times you will hate the guts of your commanders. This is how it is meant to be.

Now, we know this is all possible. The last event 'Operation Ariel' was outstanding because players 'got it'. You got on with the job and most importantly you kept the intel flowing - so well that once HQs were established the commanders directed operations almost solely on information flowing in. Fantastic.

And, the point of all this? Quite frankly, this event will be a complete bitch to both command and organise. Huge site - no radios - little line of sight. You will realise what I mean once you have seen the site for yourselves. From an organisational POV the side commanders can't communicate with the other side - if things go tits up it will be a right faff to reorganise. The command of each side will be difficult as once squads have left HQs there is no way to locate them.

We could have made this easy for ourselves by having short games but that isn't the CiA way. We want six hours of graft, we want six hours of commitment from players. We want players to go home happy in the knowledge that they achieved something, that they made a difference to outcomes, that they took part in something special.

So, here's the thing, a simple message:
Please, please, please listen to instructions, obey your orders to the letter and don't wander off on freelance missions. Keep your commanders fully appraised of what is going on at all times, either directly or by passing messages - these events aren't scripted and commanders have no idea what is going on unless you tell them.

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Control points/Aid stations

The Russian recon and engineer troops are just the first wave of attack. The numbers are far too small to overrun a huge complex such as Boryszyn, in any case, this isn't their brief.

The incumbent German troops know all hell will break loose, sooner or later. The can hear the battles overhead, the wireless and telegraphic traffic is getting frantic and more worryingly beginning to get cut off. Much materiel has been removed weeks ago along with staff and part of the garrison. Remaining are a central core of guards, signals and a good collection of experienced, battle-hardened SS who won't give up without a fight. Far too few soldiers to hold out forever of course but with the right strategy the attack can be stalled long enough to either give time for reinforcements to arrive or make a safe and orderly withdrawal (despite orders to hold until the last).

It makes good sense then for the Germans to hold strategic points of control or defend vital/valuable supplies - and the Russians have the same aim. If a complete overrun is out of the question then incrementally they aim to gain area control and keep the Germans on the back foot.


Throughout the complex there are German flags. These are both aid stations and strategic control points. Russians can occupy these to make good their advance and capture vital supplies. To occupy a control point it must be held by five men, when they can erect their Russian flag. (Do not remove the German flag, just put the Russian one over it.) Likewise, if a control point is regained by Germans it must be held by five men, when the Russian flag can be removed (do not hide it, just drop it to the floor). Flags can only be removed by five men - no loners running round in the dark dropping/erecting flags please. :ghey:

Note: it takes five men to take over a control point (erect flag) but any number of men can occupy it once captured/recaptured.

Control points are also regens. Any side can use any flag if the aid station is unoccupied. If it is occupied then clearly you can't get aid from the enemy and you must seek another aid station. Your own HQs are also aid stations, so if all else fails return to base. A touch of the flag is sufficient to strap your wounds and find yourself surprisingly revitalised for more action.

If your own flag is under attack then the aid station is compromised and you cannot regen there, you must seek medial aid elsewhere.

Just to be clear on regen rules - on your first hit anyone on your side can administer first aid and apply your bandage for you. If you are hit whilst wearing a bandage you are non-combatant and can only rejoin the game by visiting an aid station.

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Signs will be up nearby and at the gate.
Google Maps link to the site:

Map coordinates to the gate are:

Drakelow Tunnels
Kingsford Lane
Kingsford Country Park
near Kinver
DY11 5SA

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This event above all others is about teamwork. Lone operatives and freelancers will achieve nothing and will just deplete the resources available to your commanders. If you find yourself alone and at a loss of what to do just return to HQ to be reassigned a task. Russians have a massive task ahead of them - forcing their way into a defended structure will be hard. Once ground has been made it is vital that it is kept and consolidated to be able to push out further. Clearly the Germans will be on the defensive to start with but once the Russians have a foothold it will be cat and mouse from thereon in. Recapturing key positions will be the focus of the Germans as well as trying to control movement of the Russians to limit their advance.

For both sides the flow of intelligence is vital. Commanders need to know what is happening and where so that strategies can be planned. There is no way commanders will have any idea what is going on unless you tell them - the complex is vast and comms are poor/non-existent!

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