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[Sticky] The Boryszyn Loop - 24th January 2010

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CiA are delighted to announce their first event for 2010 - The Boryszyn Loop

Date - Sunday 24th January 2010
Cost - £40
Location - F&O's Drakelow Tunnels near Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Duration - This is a one day event and players may stop over Saturday night.

Set in Poland on 30th January 1945 the Red Army, in its run for Berlin, hits the defensive Międzyrzecz Fortified Region. The ensconced German troops, locked away in a command centre deep in the rocks, have the upper hand. Guarding a secret aeroplane engine factory, as well as tons of supplies and priceless artefacts, is going to be a tough job. Sure they have stocks of ammunition to do the job and they are mobile and mechanised but the stakes are high - if The Boryszyn Loop is breached there is nothing much between here and Berlin.

Set in F&O's unique and vast tunnel complex near Kidderminster this should be an event to remember. Not least for being CiA's first attempt at creating a full blown Red Army. A new challenge for those that portray Germans - the enemy is attacking from the East not the West! We know we have disciplined and crack German troops but how will the Russians shape up? Will they need that Maxim pointing at their backs when they bottle out from penetrating the gloomy tunnels?

Booking opens on the 1st of October and we will be publishing kit guides for both simple and accurate Russian uniforms over the coming days and weeks.

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