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[Sticky] Camping and eating and socialising

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There is hard standing for car parking in the safe zone.

There is no running water. A £1 5litre bottle of water from the supermarket will be sufficient.

There are no toilet facilities.

There is no no burger van. You need to bring sufficient sustenance with you - both for evening meal/breakfast as well as snacking food in-game.
There will be stoves available if you want to heat up food and don't want to bring your own cookers.

Tents and camping
You need to bring tentage (whatever you like but do have a go a canvas tents if you can). Comrades in Arms has some loan tents if you need one. There is hard standing or flat grass adjacent to car parking to erect your tents on.

There will be the main social at end of play on Saturday, should players wish to stop on site.
Players are welcome to arrive on site on Friday evening and camp overnight. Players must vacate site as soon as is practicable on Sunday morning.

Finding your way around
You will be provided with maps - and you might find useful a compass of some sort and period-style torch for signalling (i.e. no modern high power LED - although these are fine for out of game camp use etc)

The central hub of the site will be used as the safezone and so out of bounds for game purposes.
Players will need stout and waterproof footwear.
We do not favour full-face airsoft/ski masks as they look dreadful, painted face masks are a viable option if you want to cover your face completely.
All players should bring a watch (working, any sort), and will find a compass (working, any sort) and period-style torch useful.
We have qualified first aiders on site.

Posted : 03/06/2014 6:48 pm