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[Sticky] The Drop - event special rules and tasks

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Special rules and Tasks for ‘The Drop’.

The Poles.

The Polish Para’s have found themselves cut off and need to break through the enemy lines to form up with the British force tasked with capturing the high ground North of the Oosterbeek. Whilst trying to hook up with British units the poles cannot benefit from any CP in the field. Each man must present himself and his papers to the Overall Commander (OC) of the British force to be able to join the battle in Ernest. If shot and left to bleed out or out of bandages, the Pole must return to their starting position HQ. If Poles that have presented their papers wish to go back and help their comrades still trying to break through they will be able to use the fixed and squad CPs to give them an advantage. (Poles, can you sort out your own papers)

The Dutch.
For some reason Dutch intelligence on the positions and movements of the Germans is being ignored by British High Command, yet the partisans are still fighting and trying to relay information to the men on the ground. The Dutch command has tasked his men and women in the field to disrupt the Germans supply routes and cause as much havoc as possible. Again, the Dutch cannot make use of fixed CPs in the field, but do have a Squad flag and specific fixed CP which if found, can be destroyed by the Germans. This will force the Dutch to use the British HQ.

Tuesday 19th September 1944 (Saturday)
The British Tasks list.
• Establish control of the rail track and clear it of mines
• Knock out as many AT and Artillery Pieces as Possible. (AT)
• Capture and hold/knock out the 81MM mortar pits. (M) (There are 3) as they are causing havoc on a nearby sector.
• Control the Fuel Dump (F)
• Destroy the communications Tower. (R)
• There are 2 possible Flak guns that MUST be destroyed before ‘THE DROP’ can be made.
• Make sure DZ-V or DZ-X is controlled for ‘THE DROP’ Orange smoke will be provided for the drop.
• Once the drop is made the containers must reach the British or German HQ (depending on who has control of them at the time).

The German Task list
• Don’t not lose the high ground or the battle!
• Capture the enemy’s supplies in ‘THE DROP’ to deny them of well needed medical equipment and ammunition for the Sunday.

Wednesday 20th September 1944(Sunday)
This mission will be based entirely on what happens on the Sat.

Standing Orders for Squads
New to Filmsim but a well needed addition, we have identified issues that come about from lone wolves in the field (guys playing on their own and not as part of the team).
No man goes to war alone! If you find yourself alone or your squad dwindles to 2 men you must either go to ground and wait until re-enforcements arrive or fall back to your squads Squad flag or your HQ. Also you can only leave a CP (after regen) if you have at least 3 live team mates to push off with (hopefully they will be your squad members)

One of the best pieces of equipment you can carry in the field is a small notebook and pencil, so the game rules can be cut and pasted in and any addition tasks, maps etc be carried into the field. Its only a suggestion but could also be used as a diary of your battles over the years (wish I had suggested this at the start really)

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Sounds AMAZING! Can't wait!

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now im gonna spend my evening trying to find a notebook thats adequatley 1940's-ish :D

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Its only a suggestion but could also be used as a diary of your battles over the years (wish I had suggested this at the start really)

Now thats a good idea :D

Have you got a map of the site you can post as you did for Piddington & Bramley?

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Maps will get handed out on the day guys

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