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Hänschen klein
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Cheers Josh another good day.

Thanks to all attended was a good sneaky morning my zug watched the Allies up and down at ranges of 20m`s but we kept our nerve not firing to obtain the intel we were looking for..

The tropical kit gave the game away a little bit with the allies having the camo advantage. never thought i would say that in a WW2 game.

Best bits 3 of us Holding off a concerted attack on `Cortina` Base.

Most surreal moment Acting out Band of Brothers Crossroads scene- Brought my Zug in to attack `Cortina` base. put Mp44 on the floor struck smoke grenade which fizzed away nicely launched it at the base landed just in front of the barricade, picked gun up and ran towards the base to see No smoke screen and no troops behind me following up. Mowed down by accurate Sten fire :rofl:

Medal ribbon anyone?

Topic starter Posted : 01/04/2017 7:03 pm

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Enjoyed the Event even though I got captured by those nice Germans, had a good time till my legs gave in and had to leave the field about 3 ish :( thanks Josh for event and all those that attended, and made it a fair and enjoyable event, thanks Gordon for the Brufen it helped, see you all soon :good:

Posted : 01/04/2017 7:33 pm

Zero Bravo
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Epic day, really enjoyed myself even if the old windbags couldn't keep up the pace! Thank you Josh for putting on such a great event.

Posted : 01/04/2017 9:52 pm

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That would be Major Torrent responsible for the mowing....

I'm a hero with coward's legs.

Posted : 01/04/2017 11:21 pm

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Excellent day cheers guy's

We'll see you in may at battle of "Tim"

Posted : 02/04/2017 8:01 am

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Cheers guys. your such a great bunch to run games for.

Really like the new Success points thing to. Helps shape a great story.

See you in a month x

Heer Schmidt

Posted : 02/04/2017 10:47 am

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It was my first outing for WW2 Airsoft - the reason I started airsoft years ago in the first place!

I do love Josh's games and the sun even shone enough to make my shorts not seem too ridiculous

Posted : 26/04/2017 3:41 pm