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Forward units of kampfgruppe Peiper are moving in advance of the main armoured thrust towards
Stavelot. Their missions is to eliminate American strongpoints on the main axis of advance and capture the fuel dump to help keep the panzers on the move.

Isolated elements of the US 526th armored infantry are desperately holding prepared positions in the hope of holding up the German advance long enough for reinforcements to arrive and for the weather to clear allowing allied air support to stop the panzers.

The U.S. forces are outnumbered but determined to stop the German advance.
The German forces are desperate to wipe out the enemy, reach the fuel dump and allow the armoured units to advance on to the bridge at Stavelot, thus continuing the advance on Antwerp and splitting the main allied advance in two.

This could be viscious hand to hand fighting as the Germans throw in their all in a last desperate offensive.........Lock and Load!!

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