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Basic rules

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German units will be on the attack US forces on the defensive.
1. German units to follow line of advance locationg and destroying opposition
2. Medics to be allocated on each team. Players to carry a bandage and when hit the designated medic is to apply the bandage and player can continue. Following a second hit a 'wounded' German player must return to the rally point to re gen. A 'wounded' US player must fall back to the next defensive position. Medics follow same rules.
3. Maps and aerial photos will be issued.
4. Aeg' limited to 370fps on .2's and bolt action snipers to 500fps with a minimum engagement distance of 30m.
5. Play to continue through the day, if the Germans capture the fuel dump secondary objectives will be allocated.

Full briefing on the day.

Posted : 07/12/2014 10:03 pm