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Rentable and Borrowable kit - what's available.

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If you're happy to lend anything out, please list details of it here.
So far, (watch for updates) we have available for rental/loan:
4 "Japanese" shirts with insignia - free to borrow. Two large, two medium.
2 Small pairs of tan trousers.
1 pair puttees - free to borrow.
2 "British" GS shirts
2 Small pairs British "Lightweight" trousers
1 large pair British "Lightweight" trousers

Topic starter Posted : 16/07/2010 12:31 pm

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War and Peace was useful - I spoke to the Officer of the JRA, and there's a possibility we'll be able to get hold of 5 or so replica Japanese uniforms; several members of the organisation have expressed interest or booked, so it's looking up. Full details will be posted if the Uniforms are going to be available.

Topic starter Posted : 25/07/2010 11:12 pm