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Re: Owen SMG (Third attempt)

Thanks; I hope it'll be skirmishable! Haven't been able to test it yet as my charger is in Southampton and all of my batteries are flat. A friend's br...

9 years ago
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Re: Problems with a japanese side

Exactly what we tried last year; no luck unfortunately. If we end up eventually doing a Far East game, we'll have to get people into the proper unifor...

11 years ago
Re: patchett project(hatching a flock of sterlings)

When we made of the pattern for the Type-100 barrel jacket, we printed a crosshair going through the centre of the holes on the tubes, then used a cen...

12 years ago
Re: MG26 on the way

Not sure it'd be that useful for a Type96/99; looks like a fair amount of conversion work required. However, as they were manufactured by the Chinese,...

12 years ago
Re: Nambu Type-96 Light Machine Gun

Don't know yet - not much point TBH; it's a lot of work to make one properly, and you can't really use them in a skirmish/battle; if I get a decent ru...

12 years ago
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