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D-Day – Battle for Arnhem Day 3


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Filmsim Events proudly presents…
D-Day – Battle for Arnhem Day3
£65 pre book, with a £25 deposit to be paid. £85 on the gate.
GMA Battlelakes, Kent
Tuesday 19th September 1944 Day 3.
The Battle for Arnhem Bridge and its town is well under way, but due to poor allied communications and misleading intelligence the operation is still uncertain. The only positive for the allied effort is that the German command is still unsure of what enemy forces are where and reports that Nijmegen is also under attack by US airborne troops has lead to a large number of units including the 10th SS division to be pulled away from Arnhem.
For the 156th and 10th Para’s, the high ground north of the Oosterbeek railway line is their objective. Unknown to them a Kampfgruppe has been task with the defense of the high ground as it has potential for a flack battery as well as being a good observational position. Also, south of the Train Line Polish troops are being dropped and scattered all over. One glider has found itself off course and has landed behind the German defense line far North from the allied lines.

The morning has started badly for the allies and isn’t getting any better. DZ’V’ is also in the hands of the German and due to broken communications, the RAF haven’t been advised. If the DZ isn’t in partial control by the afternoon, this vital supply drop will fall straight into German hands. Only guts, team work and cunning will help see an allied result by the end of the day.
Welcome to the unwinnable battle. (Objectives will get posted closer to the time)
This is a full battle weekend, with CPs in the field, objectives for both sides to complete and only a small part of the big picture. History has told us who wins and how they did it, hence these battles don’t represent the big picture, but take us down to ground and focus on how them men in this part of the battle faired. It means we can have un-historical wins without re-writing history.
This is a full on camping event with a social on the Friday and Saturday night.
Event times.
Arrival from 3pm Friday.
Registration 8.00am 
There will be no stop action so you will have to eat in the field during the game.
Saturdays End ex will be around 4pm depending on light.
Sunday kick off at 9.00am and finish no later than1.00pm.
There will be full catering on site, Airsoft shop and battery charging if needed. for bookings

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