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Inglorious Bastards Mission Statement

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Inglorious Bastards run immersive WW2 airsoft events that aim to give all those playing a feel of what life was like serving on the front line in the Second World War. Our events will have a command structure that we expect all players to follow; Officers and NCOs are there to help run the event according to the scenario whilst adding to the immersion. You will be organised in to sections that you will need to work with in order to fulfil your objectives. These events are not for 'lone wolves' intent on doing their own thing. The infantryman of WW2 was, for the most part, a conscript or volunteer who fought and died by his squad, section or zug. We expect all players to abide by that principle and if not, then our events are not for you.

These events are not regular skirmishes. You will not be relentlessly engaging the enemy, nor will you be laying in a ditch for hours on end. There will be tasks to complete, from reconnaissance and intelligence gathering to mine clearance and engineering tasks to, of course, periods of intense action. The life of a WW2 Infantryman was varied. Our events will reflect that.

We want players to try and get in the mindset of a WW2 soldier. All you want to do is live through the war and get back home in one piece. There is no regen in war; you should be doing all you can to avoid being hit.

Inglorious Bastards are Forum regulars Gav (Dadio), Matt (Mattywheels), Lutz (Luiluei ), Tim (Prideofengland) and Gareth (Allenby)

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