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[Sticky] Event details

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This weekender event will be held at Cerberus Airsoft, Keighley, West Yorkshire on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October 2010.
The very reasonably priced CiA event costs just £45, payable in advance. Camping and social available on Saturday night.
It will be an event of two halves - we will end Saturday at 5 or 6pm giving plenty of time for eating, socialising and resting for a 9am start on Sunday morning, finishing at 1pm.

We will be opening the booking immediately after the Jedburgh event.

Camping will be on a flattish grassed field adjacent to the car park and near the safezone. There is NO requirement for period tentage - this doesn't form any part of the scenario and we want you to be warm, dry, comfortable and well-rested.

The safezone is an enclosed netted area away from the car park and camp. There are seats and tables and makes an excellent area form brewing up, eating and socialising on Saturday night. There is no running water on site so we ask that players bring sufficient water with them for personal needs.(although the free-flowing spring water looks to be closer to purity than tap water we can't be responsible for its use!). There is a chemical thunder box available but there is a possibility a portaloo will be on site by October.

Those wanting an early night will get a good nights sleep as the camp is separate from the social area.

There is no requirement for using 'bio' ammo at this event but players may want to consider this as an environmentally friendly option.

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