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Feel of the game

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Bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles are preferred over automatic AEGs, but are not mandatory; if you have a rifle please bring it along. Single shots or small 3-4 round bursts should be fired and are encouraged to keep with the WWII feel of the game. Light and medium machineguns must be fully deployed (e.g. mounted on bipod, tripod, lafette or anti-aircraft mount etc) and not fired standing from the shoulder or the hip! The only exception to this should be when fired from and steadied by the shoulder or back of the number two crewman. All machinegun teams should have at least two crew members. LMGs/MMGS should try and keep to between approx 5-15 round bursts, representing the difference in much greater suppressing fire that these weapons have over rifles and SMGs.

Non-WWII weapons can be used if they are sufficiently disguised, such as being wrapped in hessian. AK47s can be used to stand in for StG44s, etc.

Lone wolfing

Players should always be in a unit of three or more; if your unit drops below this number you must fall-back to a command point and find more unit-members, or hold your position until more join you. You cannot move around freely on your own or with one other person, as in walk-on skirmish games.

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