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Game rules

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Rules are a slightly amended version of Gunman's filmsim rules:

All Soldiers start with 2 bandages.

● Any friendly player can heal the first and second hit by tying one of the injured player’s bandage(s) to their arm.
● On the third hit the soldier is KIA.
● When out of bandages, the wounded player must return to their HQ or a controlled CP to re-spawn; only then can they return to the battlefield with their two bandages restored.

When shot the soldier makes the loud call of ‘HIT’ and must fall to the ground calling for help or a Medic!
● A shot player shouldn’t be targeted and cannot return fire until healed.
● All wounded players have five minutes for a fellow soldier to get to them before they bleed to death and must take a KIA (Killed in Action).
● If things are a bit hairy or you’re on your own in the middle of nowhere, you may take an immediate KIA. Just put your hand in the air and call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ and return to your CP.
● Any soldier can return to their HQ or a controlled CP and restore their bandages and ammunition, then return to combat fresh and ready. This takes 5 minutes.
● Moving wounded: One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety.

Rules for load-outs and Class
Each type of soldier has their own load-out; the load-outs are defined below. If you are not ranked or have not taken a special role you will be considered a soldier in the field.

1. Soldier
● Can use an assault rifle/SMG up to 350fps
● Can carry 300rds loaded into magazines
● Can carry 4 grenades
2. Sniper, Marksman
● Can use a bolt-action rifle up to 500fps
● Can carry 100rds loaded into magazines
● Can carry 2 grenades

3. Support
● Can use a mobile support weapon firing up to 350 fps
● Can use a static MG firing at 350fps (.30cal/MG42) etc.
● Can carry 2000rds loaded into magazines

Special roles

Medic (up to 2 per unit)
● Moving wounded – Medics only need one hand to move a wounded soldier to safety.
Medics can carry up to 6 red bandages into the field; these bandages represent 1 healed wound. To heal a wound the medic takes off the white bandage of an injured soldier and hands it back to them, then replaces it with 1 of the red ones. Only a visit to an HQ (not CP) can replenish red bandages.

Supplies in the Field - Optional
● Some events will employ the 'Supplies in the Field' rule. This can only be done if a ‘Live’ ammo crate reaches the troops on the line.
● Once opened, troops must be within 10 feet of the ammo crate to reload. Example: a soldier has used 250 rds and can reload back up to 300rds.
● Command may also set up ammo dumps in the field to make it easier for the troops to get hold of their ammo.

Attacking a CP
● During an assault on a CP, re-spawns and the re-load of magazines are frozen until the attack is over.
● A Ref/Embedded Marshall will announce when the attack begins and when it’s over. An attack will finish when all the soldiers on one side are killed or the attack loses its momentum and is no longer pushing forward onto the CP.
● To take a CP, 5 live men must hold it for 60 seconds with out taking fire to claim it.

We ask all participants to make as much effort as possible on these battle weekends. All uniforms should be period in look.

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