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[Sticky] Rules

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FPS Limits
-Assault Weapons - 350 FPS MAX (AEG/GAS)
-Support Weapons- 370 MAX FPS with 20 M minimum Engagement Distance
Or-up to 350FPS with no Min
-Bolties/Snipers – Over 350-500 = 30 meter Minimum Engagement, Please bring a pistol for close range
350 or Under = No Min
-Semi Auto Rifles – 30 meter minimum Engagement with 2 sec intervals between shots if above 350 FPS, Please bring a pistol for close range
-Pistols – 350FPS

Age Limit

16 and Over please

Eye Protection
Rift Airsoft Highly recommends FULL FACE Protection for all Players.
Full Face Protection will be available to borrow if required.
All players who bring their own Eye Protection on Site MUST ensure it can withstand a point-blank impact from a .20g bb @ 500fps.

WW2 Airsoft Game Rules

Ammo Limits
-200 per Sub-Machine Gun
-200 per Rifle
-1000 per Support LMG/HMG
-1 Mag Limit Per pistol or 3 if carrying Bolt action rifle/machine gun above 350 FPS

-BAR's Will be considered as support guns, but M1919 are preferred. BAR's Will be limited to 500 rounds -Max 1 Mg per Every 5 Men

As ammo is limited in game how the ammo is spread around is at the discretion of the squad leader.
There will be ammo Missions where you can obtain more rounds, grenades, smokes ect.

-2 Bandages per Regular Troop
-3 Bandages Per Elite Troop
-1 Designated Medic Per Squad, Medic can apply morphine removing one bandage and returning it the wounded soldier’s inventory.
-You may have to get Morphine from resupply missions if you start running short !
-When Bandages have been depleted and you have been hit, you will remain wounded on the ground and out of the firefight until:
A : Your squad has been wiped and you will all go to spawn once the enemy leaves
B : There is a Retreat and you are carried away on a stretcher
C : Some Evil bastard comes along and Stabs/Shoots you while your screaming for Help.(Think SS)
D : Suicide ? Request to be take as POW ? Try and Crawl Away ? Go Kamikaze style with a nade ? Throw an artillery smoke on your position ? Have you bled out ? You can make the decision
You may take bandages off after 20-25 Mins when a medic is not present on no morphine is present

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