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[Sticky] The Concept

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August 1944 – Northern France
It Will be Over by Christmas... so they Say. The Town of Beauville is seen by both sides as an important strategic location for Logistics and is Vital for the Push into Germany. The Germans have been organizing a large counter attack on the outskirts to take back the town they once owned. Both armies are suffering heavy attrition due to the constant battle and are relying on stealing supplies and crucial air drops to keep them in the battle, an air drop might give you BB's , Food Water or even MINES ! Will the joint allied force Hold and push the Germans back and recapture the outskirts? Or will the Germans show their might despite being on the back-burner.
The game will take place over Easter Holiday So you may Camp on site on bank holiday Friday, Play Saturday, Stay Over Saturday Night and Leave Sunday.

Saturday Morning To Midnight : Both sides will feature an Officer Giving commands providing missions for Squads to do during both day and night. At night the front will go Quiet for a bit and there will be on emphasis on stealth and carrying out sabotage missions ect.Its a Dynamic Battle/Frontline with both sides having Missions to achieve and the possibility to both win and loose.

The game will evolve as time goes and each action will have an impact eg: an officer being killed will have a VERY VERY negative impact, Paper Maps Could be Altered ect. Capturing Enemy Soldiers could reveal their Supply caches or other areas of importance or even fake Intel.

The main theme of this game is logistics and attrition if one side runs low on ammo then they might start struggling to fight effectively and more will have to be secured to avoid a possible Defeat,
This game aims to be very realistic and Role play will be crucial to its success, You don't have to always shoot the enemy, you can get them to surrender ! There could be a time where you may have to save your officer ect.
Make up a character/personality for your kit. You might choose to be ruthless and kill/execute your enemies as they bleed on the floor or you might be moral and ask them to surrender.
There will be more guidelines for the roleplay but not set rules but more roleplay would certainly improve the experience.!

There will be a few stops during the Day so everyone can a little rest and something to eat.
At Midnight fighting Ceases and the game will have a Resolution.

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