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early k ration box and websight

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I like doing German rations so good on you great stuff

Posted : 27/08/2011 5:14 pm
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The later war cans were put into cardbord sleves to stop them from crushing the stuff in the plastic bag but i am not sure if these cardbord sleves were used in the early k ration boxes. Any one happen to know if they were??

As far as I know they were...

Take a look here for loads of info and discussion on rations...


Posted : 29/08/2011 11:07 pm
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I have made a complets set of late war k rations but they are they type which were not used in d-day

You may be correct on that but here is some more info on 'morale' boxes.
They seem to have had some exposure earlier than was originally thought?
http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk/forum/v ... te#p828773

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Posted : 30/08/2011 12:07 am