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New to US Kit

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Hi all, looking to make a return to WW2 airsoft in the new year - though US this time rather than German :whistle:

I'd like to either do 2nd Rangers or 1st ID, would there be a preference? are there many Rangers about? or would it just be me?

after looking online and doing some small research, i think basic kit for either impression would be:
M1 helmet
wool shirt
"Tanker Jacket"
Thompson Webbing
Wool Trpusers

the only difference between the two would be insignia?

I see that SoF/Epic have a good selection of US kit, anything in particular i should avoid/get?

Appreciate your help gents


Posted : 19/09/2018 9:20 am
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Hi Nick,
Personally the wool shirt and the wool trousers are too hot for me to wear, so I got hbt trousers, and wear a modern military green or tan cotton shirt. No difference in looks.....I just don't boil up anymore!
The M1 helmet is a must, but I wear a plastic one with net, again no difference to look at but no weight! And surprisingly warm to wear.
I wish I had bought a tanker jacket too, but already had an M41 so I wear that.

Posted : 19/09/2018 9:57 am
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Nick we all tend to wear m43 trousers as they very comfy, wool are horrid lol

I have a sof m1 ranger helmet I may sell if you do go down that route :) , after ten minutes you hardly notice you wearing an m1 , but some like a jeep cap under as well for fitting and comfort

Tanker jackets are great but they do tend to be very warm, great in winter but cook a bit in the summer , but if for airsoft can get away with just a wicking t-shirt or a plain od 1 etc under rather than full on shirt but again depends if you want to reenact with it , which would change things

I sorting my USA kit out today or tomorrow and getting rid of some stuff, so will let you know :)

Posted : 19/09/2018 10:36 am
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Thanks for the Quick replies! after nearly 3 years as a kraut wool isn't an issue anymore :shock:

Chris, drop me a message if you do get rid of some bits please mate!

Posted : 19/09/2018 10:59 am