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For those that like some good effects in the games you attend or even organise. 

Haven't been to a game for 11 months but I've been busy on 2 projects

The first stripping & rebuilding my pair of walkie talkies that I'm happy to say work for use in game.

The second project that I have about 90% completed but does work as it stands.

12 channel remote controlled detinater for setting up large artillery barrages. 

Each channel can be fired individually by way of the transmitter & the finished item will have 2 safety features 1 being a key to turn the power on & the 2nd is a switch that lights up to show it is on.

IMG 20211122 090351


Detinaters you can buy are plastic & get damaged easily this one I've built inside a ammo tin & once wires are connected & the lid shut nothing that we use in our games will damage any part. 

See ya 





Topic starter Posted : 22/11/2021 10:18 am