Two toning issue, a...
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Two toning issue, advise needed.

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Hi, completely new to airsoft as all my gear is spring or co2. But…..
……I’m now keen to get a GBBR, M1 A1 Thompson and / or an MP 40 GBBR.
However, it looks like, ( if I can find one) it’ll have to be two toned.
1).  Anybody know how to remove such, without damaging the metal or ( plastic) furniture? 
2).  Any retailer with these in stock. ? 

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Topic starter Posted : 21/01/2022 5:37 pm
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It might just be easier to get yourself a UKARA number, then you can buy normal replicas.

Posted : 24/01/2022 6:41 pm
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I've never heard of anyone making a GBBR two tone gun, let alone specialist stuff like WW2 weapons. As Lord Elpus says, get yourself a valid exemption (UKARA or whatever) and just buy a normal one. 

If you don't have an exemption, converting a two tone into a RIF is (I believe) illegal. 

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Posted : 25/01/2022 8:19 am