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[Sticky] WW2 Game Campaign Medal Battle Honours!

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 Battle of the Bulge

Arnhem - A Bridge Too Far

Churchill's Revenge

Projekt Wotan

D-Day - Omaha Beach

Hurtgen Forest

The Eagle Has Landed

Operation Varsity

Battle for Bryansk Forests

Operation Haggard

Operation Husky

In the Pocket

(Created by biguk)

Operation Autumn Mist

(Created by biguk)

Operation Lightning

Die Glocke

Bloody Gulch:

St. Lo

Operation Ariel

Operation Epsom (created by Bedsnherts)

Operation Alsos (created by Bedsnherts)

The Borysyzn Loop (created by Bedsnherts)

Operation Freshman

Monte Cassino

Operation Dragoon (created by Yith)

Operation Jedburgh (created by BedsnHerts)

Operation Sealion (created by BedsnHerts)

Devil's Hill (created by BedsnHerts)

Border Clash (created by BigKie)

The Visit of Hauptmann Horn (created by BedsnHerts)

The Mace (created by Yith)

Il Giogo Pass (created by BedsnHerts)

Schaulen (created by BedsnHerts)

The Battle for Minsk (created by bigkie)

Anarchy under the Eagle (created by bigkie)

Rhineland (created by Richtofen)

Volturno Affair (created by prideofengland)

Breakout from Anzio (created by prideofengland)

Fist of Dust (created by prideofengland)

Sevastopol (created by Richtofen)

The Drop (created by prideofengland)

Patton Stalled (created by prideofengland)

The Corridor of Death (created by prideofengland)

Le Châteaux (created by prideofengland)

Operation Greenback (created by prideofengland)

Eagles over the Rhine (created by prideofengland)

Bastogne Breakout (created by prideofengland)

The Gothic Line (created by prideofengland)

The Führer's Escape (created by prideofengland)

Kolner Dom (created by prideofengland)

Grafton Park (created by prideofengland)

The Last Bullet (created by bigkie)

Pavlov's House (created by prideofengland)

The Battle for Crete (created by prideofengland)

Monta La Difensa (created by prideofengland)

Luga River Line (created by bigkie)

Road to Avellino (created by prideofengland)

Hells Highway (created by bigkie)

Rise of the Tenth (created by prideofengland)

Foy (created by prideofengland)

Battle for Spilamberto (created by prideofengland)

The Battle of San Marino (created by prideofengland)

Normandy (created by prideofengland)

The Silencing of Merville (created by prideofengland)

The Fall of Avellino (created by prideofengland)

Operation Copenhagen (created by Wladek)

Operation Nordlicht (created by prideofengland)

The Longest Day (created by prideofengland)

Battle of the Bulge 2 (created by Tommy9151)

Operation Calore River (created by prideofengland)

Battle of Aachen (created by Hänschen klein)

The Road to Rome (created by prideofengland)

Operation Clipper (created by prideofengland)

Kasserine Pass (created by prideofengland)

Battle of Falaise Gap (created by prideofengland)

Operation Benevento (created by bigkie)

Operation Iskra (created by MartinR)

Loose Cannon (created by MartinR)

Battle of St Vith (created by Hänschen klein)

The Battle for Alife (created by MartinR)

Operation Norwind (created by Hänschen klein)

Operation Veritable (created by MartinR)

Operation Bloodhound (created by Siggi)

The Battle of Tulagi (created by MartinR)

The Last Stand (created by Hänschen klein)

Operation Watchtower - Battle of Guadalcanal (created by Tin)

The Battle of Vierville (created by MartinR)

Rattenkrieg (created by MartinR)

Santa Maria Oliveto (created by MartinR)

Battle of Hurtgen Forest (created by MartinR)

Battle of Sedjenane (created by MartinR)

The Battle for TIM (created by MartinR)

Operation Zander (created by Paule)

The Battle of Tenaru (created by MartinR)

The Battle of Colli (created by MartinR)

Ruhr Pocket (created by paule)

(created by MartinR)

Keroman Raid
(created by MartinR)

Autumn Mist
(created by MartinR)

The Battle for Cervaro
(created by MartinR)

Oosterbeek - at Battles Ed
(created by MartinR)

(created by MartinR)

SOE – La Résistance
(created by MartinR)

Abbeville, Fall of France
(created by MartinR)

The March into Burma
(created by MartinR)

Treasures of the Reich
(created by MartinR)

The Battle of la Roche
(created by Langnasen)

The Road to Monte Cassino
(created by MartinR)

Operation Tonga
(created by MartinR)

The Battle of Tarawa - part II
(created by MartinR)

SOE: Chancers
(created by MartinR)

Purple Heart Draw
(created by MartinR)

Operation Uranverein
(created by MartinR)

The March into Burma - part 2
(created by MartinR)

Bois Jacques
(created by Dan)

Autumn Mist
(created by MartinR)

The Battle of Monastery Hill
(created by MartinR)

First into France
(created by MartinR)

The Bloody Ridge
(created by MartinR)

WW2 Festival 2021
(created by MartinR)

Operation Barbarossa 2021
(created by MartinR)

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I note that some of you have missing medal ribbons in your signatures due to the images you are using are hosted elsewhere and are no longer being served.
You can correct this by using the images I list above. These are all hosted on this forum server so will always 'work'.


Right-click on the desired ribbon image and select 'Copy image link'. Go to your 'My Profile' (on forum menu bar). In 'Account' you will see the signature section. Right-click in the correct place and choose 'Paste' or 'Paste as plain text'. Scroll down to the 'Save changes' button and click.

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