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Command Roles

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Alittle pre-event orgnisation :P

I've looked and looked and I can't seem to find what command roles there are and how many of each.

Thought it might be a idea to see what people wouldn't mind doing ie who wants or willing to be a squad leader


Topic starter Posted : 05/12/2012 1:22 pm

Joseph Porta
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The Heer Garrison is commanded by Chommers,
The SS guard is commanded by myself.

We will be sending players out in 5 -10 man squads , depending on what job we need to do at the time.

Individual section leaders will be appointed on the day, (as squads get killed /split up we will AD-HOC units so commanders will change)

If ANYONE wants to command a section all day, shout out, i certainly dont mind :good:

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Posted : 05/12/2012 5:36 pm