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Operation Epsom - report

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Thanks to all the guys and galls that came along this weekend, we hit 80 in the field which was fantastic considering the cancellations and no shows

Sat saw the german counter attack push the dug in Allies back to their HQ and retake Mourn, the British CP Bastion and the strange open bit in the middle however the allied radar dish remained operational and its assault caused huge casulties on the advancing german forces. Rain....oh the rain!!!

Sun saw the allies destroying all the german ammo dumps before pulling out in order and closing Operation Epsom. More war stories to follow.

Thanks to Elite John and his guys for the site and help, Viking Airsoft and Shoot & Scoot for the supplies and all the GMA Marshals for getting the job done. Lets not forget the camp site Club house and their fantastic grub and beer.

Great memories and thanks again for all your support.


Heer Schmidt

Topic starter Posted : 02/08/2009 7:23 pm