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Hut 9

Welcome to Comrades in Arms event "Hut 9". This event will run from noon Saturday 2nd to noon Sunday 3rd August 2014 at Close Action's large Grafton Park site near Kettering, Northamptonshire - nice and central for the convenience of travelling players. This will allow us to get some quality game time plus have the benefit of unrushed travelling to site on Saturday morning and from site Sunday afternoon. For players travelling long distances, camping on site will be permitted from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

This event is a WW2 Airsoft community event. That is to say it is organised by a small group of players who have given up their time to make something happen. The key component is you, the WW2 airsoft player. Your contribution both in sharing the costs and giving up your own time is contributing to the experience of your fellow players. You are not paying to be entertained for a weekend and you don't have a right to play as you please (off-piste, cheating, win-at-all-costs etc). There are no marshals, there is no need, no one wants to let their fellow players down and we are responsible for not just ourselves but others too.

Comrades in Arms events are not airsoft skirmishes, quite the opposite. Within the bounds of a fun and safe weekend they are concerned with getting into the mindset of a WW2 soldier - getting frustrated, disillusioned, exhilarated and elated in equal measure. Winning or losing each have a fascination, each brings its own slant to the experience. Following orders and objectives, keeping alive, looking after your comrades are very much to the fore. It is the experience to remember that we are looking for - something to look back on and say, "wow, that was amazing". It's a shared experience and it only happens if we are all working together - welcome to Comrades in Arms.


This is the official booking thread. As with all Comrades in Arms events, once you have booked and paid your name will appear on the list.

Before you book some final words about the event.
1. This is a CiA WW2 enactment event. We are looking to achieve a feel for what it was like to be a soldier in WW2. To do this we use a mixture of re-enactment, airsoft and role playing and encourage people who come to our events to embrace the same mindset. Most of all it is about having fun.
2. The site is large, 200 acres. Also the event will run in a weekend (12pm Saturday - 12pm Sunday) format.
3. Comrades in Arms has a minimum player age of 18 (at game date).
4. You do not need to be a member of Comrades in Arms to attend this event, it is open to all.
5. If you don't have the kit or weaponry to attend this event, simply ask if you can borrow some kit of a friendly fellow-player by asking in the Hut 9 forum area.

Payment is either £50 in full or a deposit of £25 and the balance payable before 1st July.
These can be paid in two ways:

- Paypal to info(at)comrades-in-arms(dot)co(dot)uk
- Cheque payable to 'Comrades in Arms'. Please PM HeadShot for details.

Include your full name, forum name, and chosen uniform in all payment communications.

Places are not particularly limited, nor do sides need to 'balanced'. List is started at 15 places per side but this is dynamic and will change.

Game fees are non-refundable, however the place is transferable. If you are unable to attend then you may make your own arrangements to swap with another player, you can use the forum for this purpose.

Booked Attendees:
OIC - Hauptmann Steffen Ehlert (aka HeadShot)

1. Daniel Cheetham - dcheetham89*
2. Gareth Thomas - Allenby*

OIC - Cpt. Chomley-Warner, 3rd Glamorganshire (Bridgend) Bn
Garfield Davies, Newbridge Farm

1. Ranj Philora - CHTree
2. Craig Armistead - Wladek
3. Barrie Quin - BarrieandAnne*
4. Anne Quin - BarrieandAnne*
5. Evo - Dieselmonkey
6. Tim England - prideofengland*
7. Pete Grice - Pete59*
8. Dean Armistead - Lipton*
9. Elizabeth Shaw - clash*
10. Robert Fenn - McVickers*
11. Andy Kneale - Steiner

*Deposit of £25 paid.

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