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[Sticky] Camping, eating, surviving.

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There is hard standing for car parking and flat grass alongside for camping at the safe zone (which will double as British HQ in-game).

There is no running water. A £1 5litre bottle of water from the supermarket will be sufficient.

There are no toilet facilities.

There is no no burger van. You need to bring sufficient sustenance with you - both for evening meal/breakfast as well as snacking food in-game.
There will be stoves available if you want to heat up food and don't want to bring your own cookers.

You need to bring tentage (whatever you like but do have a go a canvas tents if you can. Comrades in Arms has some loan tents if you need one. There is hard standing or flat grass adjacent to car parking to erect your tents on.

Finding your way around
You will be provided with maps - but you will need a compass of some sort and period-style torch (i.e. no modern high power LED - although these are fine for out of game camp use etc)

There will be no shooting from dusk to dawn so at this point eye protection can be removed.
Players will need stout and waterproof footwear.
There will be little shooting so players are expected NOT to wear full face masks and things of that sort. Tripping over or getting prickled by brambles will be a hazard, getting a face full of full-auto BBs is very unlikely.
All players should bring a watch (working, any sort), compass (working, any sort) and period-style torch.
Players (and particularly German escapees) should carry a whistle (any sort, modern or not) to summon help in an emergency.
We have qualified first aiders on site.
German escapees should consider working in pairs (or more) so that someone can get help in an emergency. In any case, is is quite possible you will be 'out there' for 24 hours - working together might produce better plans of action and give mutual support. Your game though, if you think you can go it alone and meet the objectives then that's fine!

German specific arrangements
Erect a tent in the safezone. If you are caught on the first day that is where you will be sleeping, you are no longer German but British.
Your escape survival kit must be packed in a bergan/haversack/dry bag. This will contain the equipment you need for surviving the night if you have evaded capture. What it contains is your choice - basha/tarpaulin/sleeping bag/food/water etc etc. These bags will be taken off you at the start of the game and taken to a secret cache, from which it must be recovered at some point on Saturday. There are covered areas and small buildings that could be utilised as sleeping facilities.

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In-game we ask that you use only traditional filament-bulbed dry cell torches. High-powered LED or xenon types are a real game killer - low power is much more fun and we don't end up with torch power envy :wink:
Green right angle torches are very cheap, look the part and are functional too. Available in small AA battery and large D cell sizes.(see below)

Of course in camp, rummaging around in your tent or the back of your car then any illumination is fine. Likewise, if you are out in the woods after dark and you do have a high power torch then shoving one in your pocket is a wise precaution, in case of emergency only.

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German players should be carrying a compass, British players will find them useful too. There is no requirement for them to look period in any way but they must be functional and accurate. Beware of cheap Indian brass 'WW2' compasses that look great but don't know where north is! (Meh, I have one.)

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