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[Sticky] Optional Saturday only

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So, here's the thing. Some people can only attend one day events, some don't like camping, some have family Sundays, some like the idea of being on the run but don't fancy stopping under the stars for a few hours.

No problem, we have it covered. :happyswing: Players can opt for Saturday-only play (on either side). Start time and endex remain the same but you can rock up on Saturday morning and bugger off at end of play on Saturday. You can't leave earlier, except in emergency, as the gate is locked (it is an interesting site and WW2 and airplane enthusiasts are constantly pulling up wanting to look round the old airfield camp. You are welcome to stop for the Saturday social in the British camp (not much socialising to be done on the German side, they should be keeping schtum!).

Slight downside: the cost is the same due to site costs and there is no Sunday option (the culmination and conclusion of the event are a bit pointless if you haven't been involved the previous day/night play).

Topic starter Posted : 08/05/2014 10:25 am