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[Sticky] Wot, no shooting people?

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Historical: Comrades in Arms was started as an antidote to 'ordinary' airsoft games where the objective is to get through as much ammunition in a day as possible. By combining our interest in the WW2 period and thinking more along the lines of objectives, free-flowing gameplay and removing the emphasis on kit and ammo of the 'open day' mentality the WW2 airsoft concept was born. And this is the basis of most WW2 games played today, whatever the organiser. Comrades in Arms has always pushed boundaries and looked more at what is going on in player's heads rather that the tools and workwear of the trade.

This game: The game is set in the UK and based on an historical event. The reality is that the British searchers weren't armed to the teeth and ready to fight a war. Sure, they were armed - sufficient to defend themselves against threat and to protect the local population. And the countryside is full of ordinary people going about their ordinary lives. A 'shoot first' policy would be wholly unacceptable and have monumental consequences - the press would have a field day, the administration would be asking a lot of serious questions and hell, a local soldier would not shoot at anyone without being 100% sure of the target or unless their life was under threat.

The German escapees have no access to weapons in the camp. They have a lot of access to other things that might be useful to their escape, but not weapons. So will the Germans be unarmed? Well, if they thought it might help their cause (anyone captured with an MP40 is going to struggle to explain that away) and they were resourceful or their was external assistance then they might well seek to obtain weapons.

OK, so what is to stop an escapee just running away from a Home Guard? This goes back to mindsets. The reality is if you have a gun pointed at you then you comply with instructions. It is a player's call whether running away will be fruitful or not - you will be shot at for sure.

Conversely, it may well be that if the Germans can get their act together and gather sufficient resources then they might be able to get the upper hand by putting themselves in a position where they can shoot their way to the docks. In which case the British response would be proportional - they are hardly going to stand their and let them get away!

So, the concept is player's thinking on their feet, fearful of their own lives and those of others. Not obsessing about badges or how many bb's you can carry or how excellently your shiny rifle shoots. If your response is 'but I just want to shoot people at games' then this definitely isn't the game for you. If your response is 'I'm bored with games where I just shoot people' then this will be very much up your street.

In conclusion: So, it's not "Wot, no shooting people?" but more "Wot, no shooting people much - the threat of being shot is usually sufficient."

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