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[Sticky] Cheap and Easy - Japanese Tropical Kit Guide

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OK, here is my attempt at a looks like Japanese tropical impression based on MIkoyans original post in this thread. Sadly we've lost his pictures so I've done front and back. I'm not in any way claiming this is 100% accurate, but I'm not shelling our 60 quid for a leather belt kit which will get used once a year.

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From top to bottom:

Mark V helmet with khaki hessian cover, plain net and foliage.

KD Aertex shirt (pockets are useful), if it is cold I'll either wear a thermal base layer or my Britihs wool shirt underneath.

Russian breeches with a webbing belt, might lose the belt and just use a strip of cloth.

Russian cloth puttees, I'll practice tying them Japanese style. British wool ones might be easier.

Brown low boots (German in this case).

Belt kit is a Russian brown leather belt, two Russian pouches at the front and an SVT40 pouch at the back, K98 bayonet (and I forgot to sling my German mess tin on the belt).

Breadbag is a British Mark V gasmask bag, but any old gasmask bag will do, in this case fastened under the belt.

Water bottle is a British one in a skeleton carrier on a long cross strap.

As it was fairly common to use shelter halves as raincapes, I'll also roll up my plash palatka and wear that too, although I imagine any sort of khaki shelter half will do.

Hope that is useful!

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Posted : 24/01/2016 2:34 pm
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looks good and i can lend you a belt with pouches :)

Posted : 24/01/2016 3:15 pm
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