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[Sticky] Introducing the Kasserine Pass

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Welcome to the next Airsoft re-enactment event by the Doughboys.

We are pleased to announce the first game to be based upon the conflict across the deserts and mountains of North Africa during WWII.

Our story brings you to a place high up in the Atlas Mountains in west Tunisia in February 1943.

The relatively inexperienced American Army have been steadily making their way across Algeria, and have yet to face the Germans on any great scale since their landing during Operation Torch in late ’42.

The Germans, having fought the British for nearly two years in the desert, are battle hardened veterans, winning many engagements with their classic Blitzkrieg doctrine.

Our story finds us in a 2km wide opening in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, 15km North West of a small scrub village which later would give the battlefield the infamous name “The Kasserine Pass.”

Will the Panzer Armee Afrika, desperate for supplies to fortify the Mereth line to the east, control the pass, or will the American Army shut Rommell out of North Africa?

Banner for those who are interested:

Topic starter Posted : 19/10/2009 3:57 pm