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Feedback good or bad, please post here.

Still on way home will update later

My Two Cents.....

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Topic starter Posted : 03/06/2012 5:23 pm
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Crazy, crazy, crazy what a laugh
Big thanks to Oddball, Porta and Tiny for putting this one on, I've never been to such a daft event.
Good social the night before with tiny having his head shaved at the top and dyed to look more like Rene (very ansome).
Gruber got to ride in his little tank, that thing can really shift with Porta driving.
At the start of the game I was far to relaxed and got knife killed twice, did not trust anyone after that :?
Rene betrayed me :( I thought we were going for a pleasant walk arm in arm only to be kidnapped, but at least I got to stroke his sausage (and very large it is )
Did some good skirmishing in the afternoon with Martin and Marsha, felt we kicked some ass.
Great final charge by the Resistance to detonate the Gateau.-- attachment is not available --

Posted : 03/06/2012 6:08 pm
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got in and sorted, very fun playing the resistance never had so many knife kills in one day before
oddball first time i've seen the tank and its awsome, shame it didnt get any proper use
good game play from everyone, i hope we were enough of a nuisance to the germans wandering round and making you all nervous

now there is gatau all over the chateau inside and out

big thanks to the guys for organising it and hopefully see you all again soon

Posted : 03/06/2012 7:06 pm
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Haha! Great photo, Tim!

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Posted : 03/06/2012 7:11 pm
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Got in, fed and showered and now feeling a bit more human, many thanks to Oddball, Tiny and Porter for a well run and fantastic days gaming, had loads of fun and managed to be a bit sneaky by creeping up on some unsuspecting Germans.

Many thanks to everyone for making it a great day, for the Germans for putting up such a fight, the resistance for the sterling work that the did to anoy the Germans and to the Americans for letting me (the only Brit) join you in the fight.

Can't wait to see the pics people took.

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Posted : 03/06/2012 8:02 pm
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I can only agree all with the above! Fantastic work from Porta, Tiiny and Oddball. Oddball for all his cool little props (the Gateaux's!) and Tiny and Porta gave 100% in their roles which added alot to the game. The kit everyone had was top notch the germans looked especially good! The social was a good laugh and as always its nice to put some names to faces of people on the forums!

The game itself was a tale of 2 halfs, and this is my spin on events!
The small tratious american unit deployed into the Chateaux heavily outnumbered to begin with but like the film we had a couple of gents on the inside. They walked into the game as Germans but soon replaced there german gear with yank gear so we were 7! After more fighting we managed to reach the 2 captured SOE operatives and our numbers grew yet again. The french were every where running around, were they allied? Were they helping there German overlords? No one knew, so both sides had to be carefull! The french had there own agenda moving pictures and other prised possesions about the facality. As they day wore on the room to room fighting became very bloody and although the germans initally suffered early heavy set backs they became organised for every one we killed another 3 would take his place. With this they built momenteum and pushed the allies uptowards the roof top. With no way out things were looking very grim untill a grenade thrown by the French resitance guided by the hands of Saint Joan of Arc herself took out the majority of the german attckers including some important officers. With the germans now broken the allies dug deep and with renewed hope drove the Germans from the Chateaux! (we broke for lunch )

The 2nd half was to be played outside the main compound, with the objective of blowing up a German Radar, but the US having exhausted the explosives it was down to the french to come up with something. And come up with something they did! A small charge hidden in a Gateaux from the Chateaux! The charge though only being small had to be placed on the base of the radar. The germans by this point had regrouped and dug in the surrounding areas with MG's and automatic weapons. The initial attacks by the combined French and US were repelled. Mainly due to german knowledge of the area as they could send units to our rear as and when they wanted it seemed. The dense undergrowth was also horrible to advance through, it did not matter if you was moving forward slow or fast. It ended up with the same result a hail of rounds from waiting germans. The rain at this point had not only soaked the allies to the bone but also drained there strength and dampered there spirits. It was becoming increasing depserate as the germans were launching more counter attacks on the flanks with generally good success, but was this to their downfall? With germans attacking the flanks in numbers it meant the main path to the radar "might be" less defended. So a heroic charge took place by one of the US and 1 of the french. They made it to the radar with the gateaux only to be shot while trying to set up the explosives. Rene (tiny) seeing this heroic act decided that this tactic was are only viable option left and he personally lead the charge with another free french fighter and myself one of the last US. Running full pelt to the radar i was hit across the leg, chest and arm. As i fell to the floor I let a smile cross my lips as Rene or the other frenchman managed to hit the device and with a loud bang it was done. But as i lay bleeding out my smile was short lived as the radar dish was still operational! Did we win? did the germans win? I dont know all i know is i got shot to s**t! But had such a good time doing it.

Great day, loved it! Worth the 5 hour drive!

The only constructive feedback i have would be around the ammo limits. I felt if they were lower the fighting Inside would of not stalemated as often. It also lead to quite a few very close full auto engagements especially on the stairwells which was painfull and if people know there down to there last 50 rounds the fire select may of clicked to single shot. If you wanted to give the US a upper hand as we were the ones who were meant to be "pushing" we could of had the 600 round ammo limit while the germans only 300. This could of lead us to put down double the amount of covering fire while only taking a small amount back from the germans as they had to be carefull on the ammo. Just my 2 cents.


Posted : 04/06/2012 12:20 am
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Great game & site, think we will have to get back there for "Le Chaateau" pt 2


Posted : 04/06/2012 7:31 am
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Many thanks to Porta, Oddball and Tiny for putting so much effort into organising and running the game. The French Resistance were very un-nerving, I don't think I've ever been knife killed so may times and the two 'traitors' were a real surprise. The fighting outside in the afternoon was very tense, even if it was a bit damp :) and great fun.

For future games you might want to consider lower ammo limits. I barely even came close to using 300 rounds per life, let alone 600. The AGS limit of 200 for AEGs works really well and prevents stalemate (such as we had in some of the house corridors).


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Posted : 04/06/2012 8:47 am
Joseph Porta
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I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended.

You all got in to the game in great spirit, ive not had such a laugh and such a good time in ages.

there were lots of memorable moments, from the many gestapo re-encarnations Herr Flick, click, brick, prick, lick and von smallhousen, the reistance charge with the gateau, the americans and there never ending attacks, the solitary SOE agent who repeatedly shot me down, time and time again.

The social with the spin the bottle drinking game that made me throw up, and riflemans capacity for red wine, getting to cut and dye tinys hair for his rene look.

there is to much to mention, but so many smiles when i think of the day.

also despite being soaked to the skin, i really enjoyed the afternoon battle in the gardens.

Marsha and her tanaka k98 were fearfull on the allies, once two got the drop on me , rooster and someone else, i died, then came a zziiiippp and rooster went down, two seconds later zzzziiiipppp another down. good shooting!

Again thanks to everyone, The players all helped make the day what it was

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Posted : 04/06/2012 7:23 pm
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My thoughts
Probably the best Airsoft day i have done, so far.
I really enjoyed the morning, although i think the move outside was needed.
Starting off as German, then changing into american was great experience in airsoft terms.

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Posted : 05/06/2012 5:47 pm
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We had a lot planned for the weekend but as usual the weather put it's foot in our plans and forced us to change the plan on a number of levels.

Michelle was mostly left out of the event due to rain, we did have plans to use as much of the site as possible and she was to give a mission brief to the US out in the fields, she was then to use the video camera to record the outside activity as much as possible.

We also had problems with where to have the allied regen so moved it 3 times during the day.
The problem with a building with many floors and a complex shape was always going to be hard to place a regen.
We did start with it outside then moved it to the radio room on the first floor which Spiers & Rooster had captured and held due to them being in German uniform and on the US side as per the movie.
If you go and look at the booking list you will notice how I laid out the names.

German.....................US unit........................French..........................British SOE/Para
1.Porta.....................1.Oddball......................1.Tiny...........................1.Steve McEllenbourgh.....
2.Chomley-Warner........2.Ste D........................2.james armitage.............2.Wraith666...........
3.Spiers...................3.Fred Jones..................3.atomic goldfish................
4.Rooster..................4.Jim Smith...................4.J Evans........................

Yes this may have made people think alias SMITH & JONES

Anyway I think the Germans took it well when they found the deception

I would like to thank everyone for coming that managed to make it, I hope you all had as good a time as I did and better if possible.

Also WW2STU your take on the game is pretty spot on mate thanks for that

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Posted : 05/06/2012 6:21 pm
Joseph Porta
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ive defiantly taken on board the comments on ammo limits 300rds seems better

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Posted : 05/06/2012 11:03 pm
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Excellent game, different, interesting and intense. The stand off at the radio room got quite intense and there was some hard fighting before they eventually overwhelmed me and Rooster. Some great airsofting there before they managed to get a grenade through the door.

Fighting in the house was intense and I very much agree with the lower ammo limits when in doors, it made stairwells absolutely unpassable due to the sheer volume of fire which would reign down on anyone who tried to pass (from personal experience).

The fighting was intense through the house and the Germans kept the Americans pinned down and cut off from the rest of the house for a long time. Excellent strategic game play and a hard defence from the Germans got very frustrating but hey that's the nature of it.

In the afternoon the 'outside fighting' was intense but got slightly miserable towards the end when a stalemate seemed evident but I have to say I thought that although the Gateaux exploded and I assume blew up the Radar, I think that the Germans definately fought harder for it.

The site was excellent and I hope to go to that site again soon.

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Posted : 06/06/2012 9:45 am
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Thanks to everyone who made it a fantastic weekend. This was my first Airsoft event and I had a brilliant time, I definately want to do some more!! Despite the wet weather on the Sunday we just got on with it as they who had to do it for real all those years ago. I thought the game plans were excellent, never knowing if the resistance were on your side or not. My apologies to all, I thought the game had ended when the cake had been placed on the radar and I told the germans that it was all over ( me being a dumbkopf). Excellent venue and great to meet you all.
Best wishes magmer

Posted : 06/06/2012 4:15 pm
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Sorry for the delay in replying, now back from short holiday break.

Well done to Oddball, Porta and Tiny for pulling an ambitious event off and for delivering everything I was expecting from their game - a complete hoot from beginning to end. I'm not a great fan of 'CQB' - not so much for fear of getting hurt (actually I wasn't hit in the face once the whole day) but more the inevitable pointless stand-off blatting at choke points or barricades. Still, it is fun shooting people in the back and building up a knowledge of a building layout and sneaking about on dark staircases, so that was all entertaining. Delighted to be let out to play in the grounds in the afternoon (if it rains then airsofters get wet, no problem with that at all) so this game gave us a wide range of gameplay, which was great.

I wasn't really sure what to do with the frenchies having heard what they got up to, so generally avoided all contact with them and perhaps it might have been better to be either Allo Allo or The Dirty Dozen rather than blur the two and Iwas somewhat baffled that the tank, SOE radio and electric chair played no part in the game itself. Meh, perhaps they will get some use in another event.

Anyhoo, it did what it said on the tin so all good there, definitely different to any other event there has been before with plenty of mammaries memories to cherish, the insanity of the Gateaux antics being the icing on the cake. Nice one chaps!

Posted : 06/06/2012 10:41 pm
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Thanks for that CW.

We did have a lot to get through, the idea was to spend time outdoors first and last thing.
The weather stopped us in the morning from using the SOE radio set out in the field.
The tank was to patrol the grounds first thing and get taken out by the US.
So it was quick decided to go in fast into the Chateau.
I wanted the electric chair to be used slightly in the morning while the Americans formed up for attack and took on the tank.
However we tested the chair the night before on Tiny as will be seen in the video to follow and it was decided people would find it to strong a jolt

I don't know how the Gestapo part ran as we only had one guy take up the role on the booking, but we did have 2 SOE prisoners to be interrogated so hope something went on as I here it took an hour to bust them out the cell.

I think we spent too long in the Chateau and should have stuck to plan and moved to the second building after 2 hours to capture the Radar unit, then finish the day destroying the radar mast.

Anyway I think most of us had fun.

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Posted : 06/06/2012 11:43 pm
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I don't know how the Gestapo part ran as we only had one guy take up the role on the booking, but we did have 2 SOE prisoners to be interrogated so hope something went on as I here it took an hour to bust them out the cell.

Well, I was told that I only had 10 minutes with the SOE prisoners, so, I limited myself to making badly accented threats to them. If I'd known that it would be for an hour, I would have had a bit more fun with them! The French put the dampers on that for me anyway, as, basically, every time I encountered the french (particularly when I was on my own), I ended up getting stabbed, which got very silly in the end (I was actually "stabbed" even before game on but, I played along with it). After my fifth reincarnation, I just ordered a shoot on sight policy to any french on the floor where the SOE were. I seemed to be the only one doing the "allo, allo" thing and trying to play in character, getting many puzzled looks from those that I encountered, who seemed to have no idea what I was doing. So, in the end, I just dropped the accent and the limp as a waste of time. I thought that the majority of the french added nothing real to the game and were just a force multiplier for the americans, which is a shame.

Like CW, I'm not a fan of airsoft CQB, for the same reasons he mentioned. I was lucky not to get shot in the face thank goodness, as some of the firefights were pretty intense, with trigger fingers held down for some very long bursts from some people, as well as a fair bit of blind firing. I also saw americans waving at us through glass doors in the middle of a firefight - I guess some people just don't get "suspension of disbelief". I've already discussed the "grenade incident" with the relevant people, so I won't go into that, I will just say that my hearing has just about returned to normal now! The call to break for lunch was a good one and, very well timed, as some tempers were getting a bit frayed with frustration, judging by some of the things I heard people yelling.

I welcomed the move outside in the afternoon, although, playing in the rain in a full length leather greatcoat is not exactly easy! I had no part as Gestapo to play in this phase, so joined my Kameraden in the battle for the radar. The Germans fought very well against an enemy who constantly left their flanks and rear unguarded and, I liked the terrain around the buildings, it had a lot of variety and an oppurtunity to use some proper tactics.

Good effort on props, although it was only really the radar that played any part as far as I could see and, Oddball, how come you were bone dry at end ex? I thought you were the US commander?

I had a good laugh and, overall, enjoyed myself, so please don't take my comments as negative, it's just that I arrived expecting a roleplay event that used airsoft guns and, ended up in an airsoft game. The site is great and, kudos for organising it all, it was obvious that a lot of effort and thought had gone into it.

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Posted : 07/06/2012 9:12 am
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Thanks Heide

I agree we would have like more role play maybe the younger people in attendance didn't get the Allo Allo thing which is a shame.
If we had more people the previous evening it may have put people in a role play frame of mind.

I hope the sound system added something even if just an annoyance with the klaxon and random gun shots to throw people of guard etc.

I think the site has a lot to offer and we do plan on a return visit.
We are more than happy to have assistance for the next one.

Maybe we should think of the event as a dress rehearsal for how to use the site.
However next time I want to use the outside more.

In the afternoon I lead a 4 man team around behind the Germans and personally killed 4 straight away, shortly after I was shot and went to regen. We had a few guys keen to lead teams Spiers, WW2stu and Tiny in on FFI so as I knew I had several hours packing to do I made an early start.
I was still the last to leave site about 6pm after loading Tank and packing up the Radar etc, if I had not started early I would have been there at 8pm :D I would like to thank young Mathew for staying to help me load up etc.
I had a chat with the US guys to see how it was going and was told it was more or less running it's self so I left them to it.

We tried to keep some of the activities a secret until the day so it becomes hard to know what you can tell people over the open forum.
I did want to know extremely early who was coming and what they were playing so we could work out roles and rules specific objectives etc.
However we had a number of participant changes and drop outs changing plan.
I was tempted to tell the SOE what their role was to be at the start but didn't want to scare them that they were not to get much trigger time also for it to be un-expected what they were in for. I did hope to give the SOE an un-expected experience for an airsoft game.
If I had know who was to be the gestapo team I would have told them about the chair etc and guidance on it's use.
However I would only use it in the game if Porta and Tiny agreed the night before.
Tiny jumped so much he bust one of the cuffs and it locked onto his wrist but he was laughing all the time and saying for others to try it, so I still think it is ok to use.
Maybe it will be resurrected for a social at one of the games for the brave to play with
We left the camera recording here is the footage.

For a while Tiny thought he was going to have a chair attached to him all weekend.

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Posted : 07/06/2012 10:20 am
Joseph Porta
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As Sgt Heide said, The door incident was extremely

I didnt expect that at a ww2 game and was so pissed off ( I didnt see exactly who it was)

i ran at the door to pyro it open and clear the corridor for the game to recommence, an american player saw the lit pyro and ACTUALLY wedged the door shut in my face. (person has contacted me and appologized ) no i wont say who

so i retired, lit another pyro, and booted the door several times untill it opened wide enough to "post" some pyro, once the area was clear i opened the door, and as far as im aware, it didnt happen again.

I Tried to stay in character, but again, it was getting harder to do as the day went on. I led Several charges up the stairs to break the deadlock, ( Ive got 47 nasty welts in my back and arms to prove it ) but the site was a lot harder to manage than it looked in the site visit.

Apologies for all the negative points

Personally, Ive taken all the good and bad points on board, and When I run the Fuhrer game in december I will be taking a lot of the negatives into account and acting on them.

Again, THANKS TO ALL THE PLAYERS, For attending, and a BIG THANKS to those of you kind enough to leave feedback on the event, it will help me with planning My next game.

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Posted : 07/06/2012 5:08 pm
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well here my thought the social on saturday night was a great laugh and doing the video was a blast
at the start of the game ia few of us didn't know if it was game on. i was guarding the prisoners but wasn't sure
how long they were going to be there.
i'm not really a CQB fan as i hate it so much i was really happy when we start playing outside got soaked but i couldn't careless
i was hoping to see more of a roleplaying bit as some said it felt like another airsoft day
so for me its really 50/50
but social was great

Posted : 07/06/2012 5:28 pm
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