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[Sticky] After battle reports and pictures

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Put this up before i left, please post any reports/photos here. If you have any suggestions of how we could have made a better event please PM me those so we can have a look over them and make any improvements and please be aware this is mine and lardy's first sole organisation for an event so please be gentle.
Look forward to reading this section

Topic starter Posted : 13/09/2013 10:25 am
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Had a really great time so thanks to all involved Great to see so many familiar faces at a game.

Great site and Tony from RIFT comes across as a real nice guy.

Thanks to Keiran and Rich for organising the event, you made great use of a smaller site

Thanks to all the players attending, great fair play and well done to the Russians for the 1000 yard stare when patrolling the wire, despite my best efforts Im sure I must have been visable when scouting close to the wire great effort chaps, apppreciated.

Really enjoyed the roll of Sturmpioneer, great fun clearing mines and demolishing russian defences ( I even managed to shoot a few people :D ) would love to go as engineer/pioneer again.

Oh and cheers Boshman for a very noble portrayal of an Oberleutnant

Hope to see you all at a game soon

Posted : 14/09/2013 6:55 pm
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Fantastic Day!

From my point of view, I cannot fault it in any way.

Knowing the site and its size, I was worried how it would work for this type of event, but kie's planning made it work brilliantly

Loved the mine clearing and the crawl to cut the wire , but a highlight was riding shotgun in the motorbike on the suicide run....topped by the brilliant subsequent ambush.

Great game play by all, and awesome leadership, thanks to everyone

And to the Nay Sayers of low ammo limits, try it. It does work and really adds to the event. I'm used to 300 limits but have never played a game with a limit of 100 rnds per life. I never actually got to the point of being out o f ammo despite some serious battles. And yes, I had loads of kills if that worries you. In fact, My only Problem was underestimating how many bbs I would use for the day :)

RETIRED, thanks for some truly memorable times and great people

Posted : 14/09/2013 7:16 pm
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a fully satisfying day, now fully knackered now. for their first event ,well it ran like clockwork ,a big thumbs up, well done .it was a small site but the way it was planned used it to the full .loved watching the mine clearance and firing the mortar.
play was honest and fair by everybody and in the spirit of the day.even the weather cleared up for a dry day
thank you to all involved in the planning and playing for a great day.
will post a few pic's later

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Posted : 14/09/2013 7:57 pm
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Big thanks to Keiran and Rich for the game, absolutely brilliant scenario that worked really well with the props. Planting the anti tank and anti personnel mines before being attacked by a German Zug, despite them not 'supposed' to have been there really didn't detract from the game, it was a good skirmish to get us warmed up (by walking back to the regen point ). Then the battle quietened down for us, not much happening except one sneaky Pioneer who managed to cut the wire along our line before we shot him. We held off a few German attacks aiming for the gap in the wire, but much more was to come for us.

The big push against squad 2 was just at the end of lunch, we could hear a strange squeaking noise moving closer to our position: a quick look and it was a whole bunch of Germans pushing one of our artillery pieces down the road, roughly 30m away. Cue a brave but hopeless defense from our squad, the majority of us being killed and pushed back to HQ to respawn. The remainder of our squad actually managed to hold on much longer, defending our original objective which was the anti tank mines. After this were a series of firefights (read: getting shot or blown up by the anti tank gun) before we fell back eventually to defend the HQ.

The HQ defense was tough but from my position on the right flank of our line supported by others covering my left I did hit a fair few Germans, the majority of whom were extremely surprised that there was a Ruskie that much closer than expected. I pulled back after the fight died down and we manged to hold off the remaining few Germans attacking our HQ, until our reinforcements arrived to relieve the two of us who had survived.

In general, hit taking was excellent and people got really into the 'drop dead when shot' rule which always adds to the event. Big thank you to all who played, thanks to Rich for the hire kit, thanks to Martin for leading 2 squad into glory . Cheers to cuff rich and chris for the game as well! Great to see all the familiar faces as well as plenty of people I hadn't met before

All in all, a brilliant day also helped by the site terrain and buildings, really added to the feel of the event as a whole and I'd definitely play there again. It was a small site, but the way Keiran and Rich used it was fantastic to keep new areas to defend and attack.

I've got loads of photos having spend most of the day taking them, I'll get them uploaded asap and stick a link on here.

Posted : 14/09/2013 8:03 pm
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What a great event, Kieron and Lardy - well done! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the site was great, and huge thanks to Mike and his wife who were great hosts.

It was a very immersive day, yet lots of laughs were had too. The funniest bit for me was up at the building with the little hole in the wall - my Kameraden were saying "I'll put some rounds in and then you chuck in a grenade." So he put some rounds in, and then a grenade came OUT of the hole!!

Mission/tactics-wise, it was extremely well done - laying/defusing mines, using AT guns to destroy buildings - it was great, even though I got blown to bits by a Teller mine. There was some great sniping by the Ruskies - I twice got pinged in the helmet from an unseen rifler at distance - one was definitely Dean! And I got one kill with my 340fps K98!!

My shoulders and feet are aching from the exertion, but I have a wide smile on my face. :D

Great to meet faces old and new - Snippy, Jimmee, Komrade, Tinman amongst them.

You've got nothing to ein, zwei, drei, vier

Posted : 14/09/2013 8:20 pm
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first off its always great to meet new folks and group with them , and with that in mind many thanks go to Martin , alec and fred (god i hope i got the names right told you i am crap with names lol) helped us 3 have a great day with you guys , shame those pesky germans finally took our mines though they did take a couple of them with them. Never had i been so gutted to lose a objective as much as today when we finally lost control of the mined area , yes we made them pay dearly to take them but still gutting , so well done germans :) so many great moments , but loved swapping nades from the ruined building and the bunker near the mines.

yup loved the ammo limits , means we get to use our garands and they useful

well our first time as russians and we loved it , a great game on a good site , i was worried it was a tad small but you guys worked it well so hats off to you :) a great first game for you guys and none of this 1 game per year 2 games at least ;) hell we'll even buy the correct russian uniform if you do ;)

some great firefights , and many thanks to the germans who did epic death scenes :) , snippy sorry we did not get to speak to you much or get to say bye , but i hope we at least got to shoot you lots :)

Posted : 14/09/2013 8:35 pm
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Well, what else can I add to all the above. An excellent day with great play from both sides. I was mightly impressed with the accuracy of the Russian fire and their concealment. I spent a lot of the morning being killed by ruskies I never saw, trying to clear the mines and cut the wire at the top end of the road was damn hard, they had covered from all sides.

Great job chaps, looking forward to the next one you organise.

Posted : 14/09/2013 8:49 pm
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Had a fantastic day and the game play was superb, I loved setting the foot mines around the anti tank mines and it put a smile on my face knowing 3 of them got triggered :D just wished I had been there to see them go off

We held on for a long time but in the end we got took out by a artillery in the end, but I think the Germans were advancing well and picking us off one at a time anyway

Thanks for a fantastic day to kie and lardy and RIFT airsoft I can't remember the guy's name very friendly guy

And a big thanks to the guys in our squad Martin, Alec and Fred nice bunch of guy's it was a pleasure being in your squad, and a very well organised squad thanks to Martin

Posted : 15/09/2013 7:49 am
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Well Not much I can say that has not already been said, (Always a good sign that type of feedback on a game)

First up well done for a brilliantly executed game, well planned and ran great from the Germans perspective and from what was said the Russian also.
I know how daunting it is putting on your first event so much to do think about plan worry about ect, but big thumbs up with the support of other planners, experienced old heads and most importantly the WW2 player base to support these games.

As has been said I knew it was a small site but you really put thought into using the site to the best ability. Rules great, Hit taking great, game play great all in all nothing to be faulted

Good to see old faces and new ones hopefully we have hooked a few more for the player base and thanks to Tony for the well run site and hospitality.

Props really good, that's what makes a game, set dressing and the clever use of props giving units and individuals a reason to do something. Fully immersive atmosphere loved the first hour of mine clearing Hmmm well not my zug we were inf support but seeing the Ruskies patrolling up and down in the foliage with shafts of light coming through the trees made me think of the opening scene in The Cross of Iron.

Got shot in the helmet several times from unseen Ruskies Good shooting

Good bits: too many to mention.
Bad bits: I ache all over and get Josh to grease the axel on the AT gun we were as tactical moving that as a Big squeeky thing winning the Sqeekey compition, no wonder the Ruskies were waiting for us and dropped nearly the whole German team.

Well done

Posted : 15/09/2013 9:00 am
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To echo the comments above, a great day out. Well done to Kie and Lardy for organising it, particularly making it work so well on a relatively small site, and for all the players who got into the spirit of things.

A special mention to 2 Section who put up a terrific fight despite my best efforts to get everyone killed, particularly Cuff and Co who held the strongpoint covering the AT mines against overwhelming odds for ages. Heroes of the Soviet Union every one, albeit posthumous.

The 100 round limit worked very well, although I only actually ran out of ammo twice. Gave the riflemen a real chance without excluding people who had SMGs. As mentioned above, some excellent shooting in evidence from both sides, got dinged on the helmet several times. I suspect less ammo means people are much more careful about their aiming, although in a tight spot it is very easy to just blow through it in no time.

Laying the AT mines and Schu mines was great fun, if a litle tense, particularly burying the Schu mines without setting them off, and I'm very glad we managed to blow at least a couple of pioneers up with them :)

My only regret is that I couldn't stay longer.

I haven't even looked at my photos yet, will try and sort them out during the week.


"Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" Helmuth von Moltke
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Posted : 15/09/2013 11:47 am
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I'm afraid I' not able to agree with the above positive comments. I didn't have a good day.

Now, I'm going to write some criticism here, but I hope it's taken in the way it's intended, as a way to improve future events for players who are like me. It's probably best if I bullet point:

1: The Site.
Whilst the site was very well appointed and Tony was an excellent host, it was a very difficult site to run a rolling-regen style of game on. I imagine it is great for an open day with short scenarios, but to try and keep the game flowing all day was just too difficult. It was too small, too narrow and too open. I could walk from one end of the site to the other in about 4 minutes, and across the width in about 1. I also felt that the site was too sparsely vegetated. This meant that at any point I could see the action and any enemy moving towards my position.

Perhaps a sequential mini-battle style of game would have worked better and been easier for C&C.

2: The game plan:
As I mentioned above, I think this was the wrong sort of game to run on a site like this. There were too many occasions where my squad found themselves defending the same small patch of land from patrols. We spent the first 4 hours of the game within an area the size of a tennis court. Don't get me wrong, I love sitting still waiting for an ambush. I've spent over 90 minutes prone in a ditch waiting for a vehicle convoy before. However, on this site, with its lack of cover, there was no suspense or guess work. We just sat there watching the Germans advance to within range, then shot at them, resulting in a short firefight...repeat ad nauseam.

There were also some flaws in the C&C and communication. Later in the day we were using a building to fire from and took some time getting into position and scouting the enemy, only then to be told we weren't allowed to be in there because it had been blown up earlier. Problem is, I can't see around it, so I need to be able to use it so the opposition aren't moving up behind it out of my sight. I can't suspend my disbelief enough to make a building see-through.

Whilst the props added some interest to the game, I can't disagree with this statement more:

Props really good, that's what makes a game, set dressing and the clever use of props

No, props add to a game, but they don't make it. The props were excellent fun, the start of our day involved building and positioning anti-tank guns. However, props need to be used properly and need to be respected by both sides. Our anti-tank gun was broadly ignored. We fired it at players who just carried on running. We fired it at a building and shouted to signal that it had been blown, but we had to shout this several times and we needed site owner Tony to go over as a marshall to ensure people had cleared the building, which destroyed the immersion. I also witnessed Germans using the mortar as a bazooka by lifting it off the floor and firing in from their hands.

To keep us entertained a motorcycle and side car set piece was put into play where we were told to set up an ambush. We created a road block and sat in ambush positions for about 20 minutes. When the motorcycle arrived and stopped at the road block, we jumped out of cover and demanded surrender. Unfortunately, because of poor C&C, we discovered that it had already been ambushed by players on the other side of the site, about 100 metres away, and the motorcycle was just returning to the safe zone. Massive anti-climax.

I think more thought about how the plan suits the site would make a massive difference.

3: Cheating.

Unfortunately I witnessed some of the most blatant cheating I have ever seen, and I know others did too. I raised this with the organiser. Take your hits guys, simple. Also, whilst firing an MP40 with one hand whilst tying a bandage onto another player might make you feel like Clint Eastwood, it unfortunately makes you look like an open day noob, and generally makes people on the other side loose respect for you. Grow the fuck up. This episode was the final straw for me and I lost patience and decided to call it a day an hour early.

Do we really want to get to a point where marshalls need to be used?!

4: Ammo limits.

If these were fully adhered to, I'll eat my Corcorans. Most of my squad were using single shot, with me as back-up on the Thompson. I used a mid-cap which was just over half full and was on single shot. When attacking an OP, I ran out of ammo very quickly. How then, was I being fired back at by weapons on full auto which managed to take out my entire squad of six and keep our heads down for a few minutes when only 3-4 people were attacking? There needs to be a more ordered way of ensuring that ammo limits are adhered to. Clarifier: I'm not accusing people of not adhering to ammo limits, rather making the point that those with high/mid-caps would have found it hard to limit their ammo effectively against single shot weapons. This is more about how the organisers ensure the limits are strict and balance the use of rifles against semi and full auto weapons.

Craig's last game used a supply method with players unable to take their own supply into the field, this worked very well.


I cannot agree that this was a good event. It had interesting elements and good ideas, but the limitations of the site, the quality of some of the play, and the reliance on props and set pieces made this a bit too open day like for me. Sorry, but I didn't enjoy myself and thought some feedback might be useful.

Posted : 15/09/2013 11:52 am
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Thanks very much guys fully appreciate all your comments thus far both positive and fully constructive critisim.
I will leave full response till all comments have finished to come in then i can do a full response addressing all view points.
But i will just respond now with a big thanks

Topic starter Posted : 15/09/2013 12:14 pm
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I had fun. I really enjoyed it. Was good to meet everyone who I ment.

At the start clearing the dummy mines was good, I tryed to add abit of roleplay by russling around with my pouches every so often but without any disarming tools I not sure I did a good job at it, Ade scaried the life outta me just by saying boom as I was picking on up. Clearing the Teller mines was very nerve racking, after watching Steiner get blown to kingdom come. I feel very lucky that I didn't set on off

I tryed to keep it 32 rounds in three mags but my mags just didn't want to hold the bbs so I went full filled 2 (ASG MP40 mags). Most of the time at the start I'd get to fire abot 40 rounds and have 56 rounds just shot out. Can't point the finger at anyone. Also due to the ammo limit being as it was I didn't feel the need to wear my half mask

I didn't notice any cheating myself however at one point I did notice someone using an MP40 one handed

Big thanks goes to those who orgnised it, thanks for the time and effort you guys put in . Thanks to Tony and Hazel for allowing the use of the site aswell as keeping use feed for the day . Thanks to those who came and put the effort in

Posted : 15/09/2013 1:13 pm
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Well I have to disagree with some of Headshots comments, perhaps it was a differant perspective between the Russian and German sides?

Despite the small size off the site I only once fought over the same area a 2nd time, hence my positive comment on this earlier. I must admit if I had been organising a game at the site I would have been tempted to go scenario based but I thought the organisers made it work at least from a German point of view.

It seemed to me that ammo limmits were by in large being adhered to, we had a lot of bolt actions on the German side and your never going to run out of ammo in one life at 100 rounds with a bolt action. Even the guys with automatics said they were normally dead before they used their 100 rounds, I carried a ammo tin for my squad to reload on and it was hardly used because we were back at regen so often

Overall I found the hit taking to be very good and sporting,only a couple of times did I think I had hit someone who did not take it, but I think you have to give a bit leaway you have not always hit someone when you think you have. Of course It might mean that us Germans were cheating bastards but most of the Germans I have fought along side many times and consider them to be players who get it.

Ok medic whilst firing and using the mortar as a bazooka I cant defend, I never saw this and was poor play.

Shame you didnt enjoy it though from the German side it seemed very well run and played.

Posted : 15/09/2013 2:49 pm
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Thanks Tim for your second post but please I don't want any arguments to be created here and although I realise you want to defend your opinion of the weekend Headshot is fully entitled to his and if he it is reciprocated by other players I will deal with a full response here later for everyone to see if not i will address him personally as without this type of viewpoint on the game we will not be able to make improvements.

Topic starter Posted : 15/09/2013 2:58 pm
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did not take many photos as just never had the time lol but here are a few-- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available --

Posted : 15/09/2013 3:15 pm
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and 3 more-- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available --

Posted : 15/09/2013 3:17 pm
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Well for me the morning was great. Laying the field phone cable, setting up the Artillery and destroying buildings.

However, it did feel a bit daft to be able to clearly see pioneers attempting to clear mines but being under direct orders not to open fire on them. They could see us as well and we were easily in range. When I suggested to a comrade that perhaps he should attempt to hide he told me that they knew he was there so why should he bother. I decided it wasn't worth arguing.

On the other hand the afternoon was not so great. The artillery squad was sent to defend the same section of the line more or less all afternoon. With little to no action. As Steve said the ambush was a major let down for us.
This wouldn't have been so bad except that we could hear the other flank getting into continuous fire fights whilst we just sat in cover and did nothing. We didn't once get to fight over the area where the action was.

Eventually we were given better position for the "final assault". From my perspective this was great, though I know this is where some of the problems with cheating were noted. The counter assault by the soviets was less good however. This was probably due to the misunderstanding about where we were to meet up after being wiped out at the German attack and we just went back in dribs and drabs without any aim or leadership to speak of, only to be shot up or having to retreat. In the end I just gave up and decided to get my field phone cable reeled back in.

I didn't personally see any cheating, but I know that others did and it wasn't just Steve who was annoyed at it. However I have my suspicions that it was just a single player at fault.

The destroying of buildings completely by the Artillery did not work, period. I had to repeatedly be reminded that a building was no longer in play. It seemed a real shame that they were taken out of the game as the prime feature of the site is those buildings. More use of the combination would also have been good. The site has a great road way and it could have been put to a lot better use than just the single run around for the ambush.

Having said all that when I did get to shoot my Zeta Labs Mosin, it worked brilliantly with some fantastic long range kills.

Anyway, thanks to Bigkie and Lardy for running the event. Please don't be downhearted by the "constructive criticism". It's a learning experience and I'm sure your next event will deal with the issues from this and be a blinder.

Posted : 15/09/2013 3:48 pm
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It seemed to me that ammo limmits were by in large being adhered to, we had a lot of bolt actions on the German side and your never going to run out of ammo in one life at 100 rounds with a bolt action. Even the guys with automatics said they were normally dead before they used their 100 rounds, I carried a ammo tin for my squad to reload on and it was hardly used because we were back at regen so often

Re-reading my post I can see that I've worded this badly, so I've clarified it.

Posted : 15/09/2013 4:07 pm
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