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Hit taking

Airsoft relies on honesty - unlike paintball there is no mark left by airsoft hits. Nothing ruins an airsoft game faster than players not taking hits. Please help us to provide top quality airsoft games by being an honest player. A hit occurs when a BB fired directly from a gun, or launched by a grenade or spring operated trap, strikes a player anywhere about their person or attire.
Definite ricochets do count as hits.
When you are hit, shout 'Hit' and raise your hand. Leave the game field keeping your arm raised to indicate to other players that you are out of the game. Do not linger in the game field. When you are hit, do not talk to active players. "Dead men don't talk"

Eventually everyone is going to experience getting shot after they have called themselves out for a game. The number one reason people get shot after they are out is because they don't readily identify themselves as being hit. If you don't want to get shot after you call out then be sure to do the following:
LOUDLY call out 'Hit!'.
Immediately stand straight up (If you weren't already) and hold your weapon in a way that is clear to everyone that you are out of action. For example: holding gun above your head with both hands, or put gun in rest (holster or sling) and keeping hands away from any gun.
Begin walking (not running) towards the designated safe zone ASAP. Use a clear path so that everyone can see you.
If you follow these simple steps then you will greatly reduce (although not completely eliminate) getting shot after you call out.


The site does not use formal marshals to enforce the rules
All players are encouraged to discuss any disagreements openly and politely.
Any abusive behaviour, persistent unfounded allegations or heated arguments will be viewed dimly and may result in expulsion from the site.
Other actions which may earn you a warning are: blind firing, goggle lifting (removing protection in the game area), persistent overly aggressive play.

Ammo limits

In order to prevent 'spray-and-pray' tactics which we feel ruin realism and cause games to bog down, an ammo limit of 600-700 rounds per player. Mags can be topped up at the half-way point (lunch-time) but should not be reloaded in-game.

Players are encouraged to use mid or low capacity magazines, but hi-caps are permitted within the above ammo limits.

Magazines for gas or spring powered pistols do not count toward your allocation of rounds.

Moscart shells, being single shot, do not count toward your allocation of rounds.

Support guns (a large fully automatic weapon such as an M60 or M249) have an ammo limit of 2000 rounds
Infringements to this rule will be counted as cheating.

Grenades and smoke

BB grenades, thunderflashes and blank firing grenades will count as hit if they explode within 5 metres of you.
If you can get hard cover (like a wall, door or sandbags) between you and the grenade then you are safe. A bush is not hard cover.
Blank firing grenades must only be used with 9mm blanks - 12 gauge blanks are not permitted as they are too loud in confined spaces.
Due to their weight, blank firing grenades should only be thrown underarm - use common sense to avoid injuring other players; it's not a real war.
Coloured smoke has no effect other than obscuring.

Surrender rules

We play a 'surrender' or 'bang' rule. If you are likely to shoot a player at very short range, please give them a chance to surrender, or alternatively touch them and say 'bang' - this will count exactly the same as a hit with a BB. It hurts less, and makes you more popular.
Use common sense in the application of this rule - do not try and 'bang' players whom you could quite safely shoot. The surrender rule is best used where you have caught someone completely by surprise and they are, for example, facing the other way.

Topic starter Posted : 18/03/2014 10:05 pm

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Is there any medic rules, use of bandages etc. I ask as I know this site is huuuge and traipsing back to a cp to regen would be soul destroying!

Posted : 25/03/2014 3:06 pm

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Yes theres medic rules in place to prevent the traipsing.
Theres also a few more specific rules in place for this event which ill attempt to update this evening.

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2014 5:13 pm

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So with the ammo limits, is that 600 rounds for the day or can you load up at CPs?

Posted : 25/03/2014 7:53 pm

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Ammo limits would not be exactly the same as a normal game-day, but we'd still have a guideline in place.

Generally speaking, as long as people arent doing their best maraca impersonation by running around with a dozen hi-caps we're not going to be anal about it. Stopping mid-scrap to pump your speedloader like your life depended on it is also not in keeping with the theme! 

People will be encouraged to bomb-up their mags when they are at their CP/harbour area etc, so I wouldnt expect people to start running dry unless they're stuck out on an extended task/patrol.... the squeeky bum moments when youre down to your last mag adds to the tension though! 

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2014 7:58 pm